Movers Recommendation Letter

Moving can be a stressful task considering that you have to take your belongings from one place to another hoping that nothing is damaged. While hiring a moving company one needs to look for some record. I would suggest that you carry out a lot of research before hiring a mover.

A lot of moving companies post recommendation letters by customers, these days. I have found out that they are usually genuine. If you hire a mover and are satisfied with their services, they may request you to write a recommendation letter. Below is a movers recommendation letter you can refer to when you have to write a recommendation. Remember; write a recommendation if you are genuinely satisfied with the services of a certain mover as your recommendation may influence someone’s decision to hire a mover. Any type of recommendation is a social responsibility, so be careful and don’t just draft a letter for the sake of it.

Sample Movers Recommendation Letter

Subject: Recommendation letter for Samson Packers and Movers

To Whom It May Concern,

I genuinely understand that moving is not a welcome event. But I had this wonderful experience when I hired the services of Samson Packers and Movers when I recently had to move homes. They were so amazing that I might even consider moving again!

We had to move from Staten Island to Manhattan and I was looking for a reliable mover because when a friend of mine had to move, he had a horrifying experience. But I must say I am lucky to have found the Samson’s.

When I first got in touch with them, they assigned my task to a team of eight. Michael, who was in charge of the team, got an appointment as he wanted to draw a plan. We met him and he made a list of all the belongings we wanted to move. Then he visited our new home and sketched out a plan of placing the items as per the needs and wishes of all our family members and then we fixed the time and date of our moving.

On the scheduled day he called his crew and they planned out the packaging of all the items in tandem with the plan that Michael had made to place the items. The Samson Movers and Packers have these unique packing boxes which according to them are damage-free. They carefully packed all the listed items and soon were ready to move.

Michael had promised that the packing and moving will be done within four hours which they did, but I was surprised as my old home was on the fifth floor with the building having one, sluggish elevator. In the next couple of hours, all the items were placed as they were meant to be; not a single piece of the items was damaged. If we had any visitors at that time, no one would have believed that we had just moved in.

Michael was a well behaved, courteous and enthusiastic man; it was not a surprise that all these qualities had brushed off on his crew. My wife was so happy that she invited all of them for dinner the next weekend.

If you want to save yourself from the blues of moving, I strongly recommend that you hire the services of the Samson Packers and Movers.


Glenn Turner,
404, 8th Avenue,
Manhattan, New York City

Given here is a movers recommendation letter; it is a well-structured letter outlining all the highlights of a good moving experience. HVAC services are another aspect where you may look for help in writing recommendation letters, so you can check our HVAC recommendation letter as well.

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