Recommendation Letter for Dental School Admission

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for XXXX, who has applied to be admitted as a student into your dental school. XXXX was a student of mine at Barry University where he had his Master’s Program in Biomedical Sciences. I taught him Gross Anatomy and Lab and Oral Pathology.

I have known XXXX to be a diligent and hardworking man. My courses require additional reading, understanding and attention from students before they can have good grades. XXXX was engaged and active in my classes. I was highly impressed by his pleasant attitude, respect and interest in these courses. Additionally, he approached the two courses with the same level of determination and curiosity, which helped him score A in the courses.

Throughout the time XXXX was my student, he showed a high level of self-motivation, dexterity and critical thinking. Whenever I ask questions in class, he was always delighted to think critically and provide answers to them. This was also proof that he understood both the theoretical and practical part of the subjects. He was also bold and articulate when asking his own questions. I was really happy having him as my student. Another thing about XXXX is that he is a very personable man who is comfortable relating with his peers, colleagues and professors. I could vividly remember our discussions on some of his life experiences and his determination to become a dentist. I saw his passion for dentistry, as well as the enthusiasm for things that would develop his clinical skills and abilities for him to improve in his future professional career.

I am aware that XXXX has been trained by some dentists and he must have shadowed some dentists. Nevertheless, I believe he needs to go to dental school to be the complete and great dentist he dreamt to be. He has chosen your institution to make this a reality and I am confident that his intelligence, commitment and hard work in pursuing this goal drives him to finish with excellent grades. He has my highest recommendation for admission and I would be glad if he is considered for admission. Feel free to contact me for additional information about him.


Dr. John Lee

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