Letter of Recommendation from Employer

When you are looking for a new job, a letter of recommendation from employer proves to be an important tool to secure the job. Your employer is well aware of the attributes you have when it comes to your professional behavior and if you have worked with him long enough he must know you personally as well.

Moreover, all the prospective employers always do a reference check about you from your previous employers. So it is imperative that you have recommendation letters from all your former employers and one from your current employer is absolutely crucial.

It is a decree that you have at least three recommendation letters; it can be a teacher’s recommendation, a character recommendation or a recommendation from a business associate. But once you are no longer a fresher, letter of recommendation from your previous employer gives the best inputs about you.

When you request for a recommendation letter from employers, one thing is clear; they are ready to relieve you of your duties. In such a scenario you need to discuss with them what is the reason behind the request, the prospective jobs you are looking for and the qualities that these types of jobs require.

This gives a clear picture to the employer about your future plans and he will be able to draft a good recommendation letter, one that suits your plans. He will be able to highlight all the qualities that are essential for the job you are looking for. Following is an example of a letter of recommendation from employer. If you are looking for a career change, do not miss to click on this link.

Sample Letter of recommendation from employer

Subject: Recommendation for Mr. Bruce Nolan for the position of Anchor Lead.


Mr. Alistair Cook
Director, Human resource,
National News Networks,
New York City, NY

Dear Mr. Alistair Cook,

I am Jack Harrison, Program Director, Buffalo City News, NY, and with greatest of pride and pleasure I recommend Mr. Bruce Nolan for the position of Anchor Lead in your esteemed news channel. I have known Mr. Nolan for the past seven years since he joined here as an intern reporter.

His growth from an Intern to a Reporter and then to an Anchor Lead has been staggering to say the least. What is even more astounding is the pace at which he has progressed. He reached the anchor position within four years of him starting his internship and I must say he thoroughly deserves it.

He was offered other higher positions in the organization, but he has always been focused on the anchors’ job. He has also been providing us with contents for the past couple of year or so. He was keen that we go national and his dream of becoming an anchor for a national news channel would also be fulfilled.

Lately, I discussed with him, how it is not probable that we would be a national channel soon. That is when he started to look out for better opportunities and he learnt about an opening with you. He has got all the qualities of a good anchor; a pleasing personality, a great voice, amazing language and he can talk about anything under the Sun.

It would be a great loss for our organization to lose Bruce because he is our Mr. Exclusive, but I am happy for him and wish him the best for his future. I am confident that he will be as good at the national level as he was here in Buffalo, New York. I hereby firmly recommend Mr. Bruce Nolan for the position of an Anchor Lead with your channel. For any information about him in the future, feel free to contact me.


Jack Harrison,
Program Director,
Buffalo City News, NY

Given above is a great example of how to write a letter of recommendation from employer. If you want your employer to write one for you, ask him to refer it, but make sure you give all your details to make it relevant for you.

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