Landscaping Recommendation Letter

Landscaping is an artistic job. It varies from place to place as requirements of landscaping a business premise or someone’s private garden differ drastically. Overall, landscaping is a difficult task. And if you get a landscaping recommendation letter, it proves that your company is doing a great job at it and has satisfied customers.

A landscaping recommendation letter is another type of service recommendation letter. It can also fall in the category of a business letter of recommendation if someone writes on an official document of an organization.

When writing a recommendation letter, elaborate on the needs and then state the work done to landscape the area as per your requirements. Given below is a sample landscaping recommendation letter to guide you in writing a recommendation for a company that satisfied you.

Sample Landscaping Recommendation Letter

Subject: Recommendation letter for Grassworks Landscaping Company

To Whom It May Concern:

I am Joe Pesky, the chairman of Woods Will Cooperative Housing Society; a society of 25 duplex homes. When our society was fully occupied, everyone had their lawns made up as per individual liking. But after a few years, when the gardens became old, they started to look odd.

All the members had a discussion and we decided that we need to hire a landscaping company to make a beautiful landscape across our society. After a lot of research, we hired the services of Grassworks Landscaping Company. I must say that they had done a great job of it.

They sent a group of their designers to meet all the members of the society and noted down the details of the requirements of all of them. Then they asked the board of directors about the community area, roadside and other unattended areas of the society premises.

In a week’s time, they came up with a plan to landscape the complete society. They cross-checked with all the members if the plan satisfied their specific requirements. All the members were happy and only some minor changes were made to the original plan and the estimated cost was also reasonable.

They showed us a virtual view of the landscaping with the help of some software they had. We were all very excited to see it as it looked very beautiful. They asked us for a time span of three months to complete the task to which we agreed.

The next day all their crew members arrived along with the designers and started the landscaping. I must say that all of them were professional and were experts in each of their tasks. They went about the job without any fuss and made sure that no damage to any property was made.

They finished the task within the stipulated time that they had set and what a brilliant turnaround it was for our society. It seemed as if we were living in a brand new society. It was beautiful, pleasing and all the members of the society were absolutely thrilled to bits.

The cost was almost the same as what they had quoted. We later found that the cost was much cheaper than what it would have cost if all members would have done it individually. Many members who had terrace gardens contracted them to landscape the terrace and the additional benefit was that they got discounts.

I believe that with the expertise and professionalism of the employees of Grassworks Landscaping Company, they will be able to carry out landscaping of all types. I, therefore, strongly recommend Grassworks Landscaping Company for all landscaping requirements.


Joe Pesky,
Woods Will Cooperative Housing Society,
Los Angeles, CA

This is a sample of a landscaping recommendation letter. For other service recommendation letters check our HVAC recommendation letters and movers recommendation letters.

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