HVAC Recommendation Letter

We hire the services of various people or companies for our needs. We need the services of an insurance advisor, realtors, car dealers, etc. Similarly, HVAC services are one of the routine requirements for us.

And when the contractor or company that gives us these HVAC services are not up to the mark, it leaves us angry and frustrated. Imagine that with the onset of summer if your AC refuses to start or during Christmas when you want to enjoy your time with family and friends, and you find out that your room heater refuses to start. I remember that I was in a similar situation once and I felt like tearing my hair; only to realize that I have no hair. I called up a friend and he advised me to change my HVAC contractor. He told me that he uses the services of All Weather HVAC Services and they are great.

I decided to hire them for my HVAC needs. I have been using their services for the past six years and they have been fantastic. I now don’t have to worry about my AC or heater anymore I only wish I had hired them earlier and I might have had some hair on my skull. Before I hired them my friend gave me a recommendation letter for their services which I am giving as a sample for those who need assistance in writing such recommendations.

Sample HVAC Recommendation Letter

Subject: Recommendation for All Weather HVAC Services

Dear Sam,

You have complained a few times about the HVAC problems you have faced and I told you to change your contractor, but you didn’t. Now I am writing to personally recommend All Weather HVAC Services for your heating and cooling needs. I have been using their services for years and have not faced a problem at all. The quality of their services is exemplary and their charges are reasonable as per the prevailing market prices. They have a team of dedicated professionals and won’t come up with some extra work just to charge you. They have a timely maintenance system and they retain their standards come what may.

The system that they install is the best you will get in town; something that will save you from too much maintenance. They also have a sound guarantee to protect you from any future problems of breakdown. They offer very affordable packages for maintenance and for the first two years, maintenance is free of charge if you sign a contract of 5 years.

Another important aspect of their service is that they have a set target about increasing the number of clients on a yearly basis and once that target is met they don’t add on more clients. Mr. Jack Robinson, their Head Service Engineer says that they don’t want to lose old clients to get new ones; a policy which is really commendable when everyone else is looking for more.

Their service engineers are well qualified, courteous and are always available for any problems you may face at any time as they serve you 24/7, and they are at your doorstep in half an hour once you register a complaint. I have had the privilege of being served by All Weather HVAC services for all these years and I strongly recommend them for all your HVAC needs. In case they have met their yearly target, let me know; I will find a way out as I have been their loyal client for so long.

Your friend,

Allan Wilkins

This is a sample of an HVAC recommendation letter you may refer to if you have to write an HVAC recommendation for your contractor. If you want to recommend any other service which you have been satisfied with, you can also check our service recommendation letter.

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