Cleaning Recommendation Letter

A clean house and surroundings are one of the basic requirements of hygienic and healthy living. It keeps you fresh and upswing as everyone around is hale and hearty. To keep your house clean you hire services of a cleaning maid or give a contract to some cleaning company.

In either case, if they give you a clean surrounding, they deserve some appreciation. A cleaning recommendation letter would be a perfect expression of gratitude that you can give them for the great cleanliness they provide you with. When this recommendation letter is provided to the future employer along with the resume, it brightens the chances of getting a job. Look here for a sample house cleaner resume.

A maid can get more jobs and a cleanliness company can get more contracts. When you write a recommendation for them, describe every task they carry out to make your habitat dirt free. Include sweeping, mopping, waxing, polishing, washing, vacuuming, and all sundry tasks to make your life hygienic. Here is a sample of a cleaning recommendation letter for a housemaid to guide you in writing such letters.

Subject: Recommendation for Sara Jane for House Cleaning

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this recommendation for Sara Jane, my house cleaning maid. I have been living in the city of New York all my life and have never come across a maid as sweet and professional as Sara. And believe me, I have seen many maids. I spent my childhood in Staten Island, and then moved to the Bronx and finally, after marriage, I settled down in Brooklyn.

Sara is punctual, courteous and very efficient when it comes to the cleaning job. She takes care of the sweeping, mopping, washing, waxing and polishing of floors. She dusts furniture, does vacuum carpeting and is good at making up a bed, changing sheets and providing clean bathroom robes. She attends to guests’ requirements with finesse and is good at disinfecting kitchen and bathroom areas and appliances.

Ms. Jane is enthusiastic and energetic all the time and despite having to carry out all the unrewarding cleanliness tasks, she is never short of a smile. She is sincere and honest and we trust her completely. Most of the time she does her cleaning job when no one is in the house and we have so much faith in her that we have given her a set of our house keys.

She not only carries out her duties well but also is ready for any other help if the need arises. Like she babysits my kids if required or cooks food if I am ill etc. None of the family members treat her as a maid; for six years, she has become a dear friend.

Her fees too are on par with the market price and I am sure her efficiency must be saving us a lot of money. Looking at her efficiency, some of our neighbors have hired her services. I am very lucky to have found a cleanliness maid like Sara and recommend her strongly for any cleanliness job in your homes. If you need any further information about Ms. Sara Jane, you can contact me.


Michelle Jackson,
Brooklyn, NYC.
Date: January 25th, 2012

In this sample cleaning recommendation letter, the author has given a detailed account of not only the details of her cleanliness task but also many of her attributes like trustworthiness and dependability. It reflects that she is very satisfied with the services of her cleanliness maid and that is the reason why she is writing a recommendation for her.

When writing any recommendation letter this conviction is required, which will come if you know the person and you are genuinely satisfied with the performance of the person. So before writing a letter of recommendation make sure whether or not you truly feel like recommending the person.

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