Mechanic Recommendation Letter

Writing a letter of recommendation differs as per the purpose of the recommendation. Recommendations are written for jobs, admissions, and club or fraternity membership, or for character references.

Irrespective of the purpose some things in a recommendation letter are common. One important aspect is that it should be a recently written letter so that it gives the idea that the person is effective in the present and not in the last century. It should reflect the positive sides of the person you are writing for and negative aspects should be avoided.

Writing a Mechanic Recommendation letter is a type of service recommendation letter. Mechanics are those who use tools and equipment to repair a machine. In our day to day life, we usually come across bike or automobile mechanics. So it is most likely that we will be requested to write mechanic recommendation letters by them.

While writing a mechanic recommendation letter who has served you well, you can describe his efficiency to find faults in your automobile, how good he is with his tools and equipment, etc. You can narrate an incident about how he bailed you out of a difficult situation when you were stuck because your car failed. However, the most important point is that, like you love your car, so do others. Don’t write a recommendation letter for a mechanic if you don’t really feel like doing so.

Someone else might land upon troubled shores because of your recommendation. Below is an ideal example of a mechanic recommendation letter for your assistance.

Sample Mechanic Recommendation Letter

Subject: Recommendation for Mr. Bill Lawry as an Automobile Mechanic

Date: 5th February 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

I am Tommy Adams, and I love my car! If you too love your car, I would suggest that you visit Bill Lawry’s mechanic shop the next time your car needs a service. I have been driving around Buffalo for years and have used three cars in all these years. I was having a horrifying time with my first car as it started breaking down at will and the mechanic I had then could not repair it. On my part, I use to service it regularly and took good care of it. But the car it seems had given up on me.

I was about to thrash it when a friend, Jolly, took me to Bill’s garage. I told bill that it worthless as I have taken the car for repair to every know mechanic in Buffalo and all thought that the car is a heavy piece of metal I should get rid-off.

Bill requested a look. He figured out something with the radiator was wrong and got it fixed. I asked him if he was sure the car will not break down again and he answered in the affirmative. To my surprise, I did not have any problem for more than ten days when earlier my car would give up every alternate day.

I called Bill and told him that you are a magician. He said it was nothing; just a petty issue with the radiator others couldn’t figure out. I later learned that he had a degree in Automobile Engineering; no wonder he is good with cars as he had a degree and years of experience.

After that, I have bought two more cars and Bill is my man to look after them. I have noticed that he is super-efficient with his tools and his shop is very well organized as well. He is a well behaved human being and all his assistants say that they learn many things from him every day.

I believe that Mr. Bill Lawry is as good a car mechanic as you can get in downtown Buffalo. I strongly recommend him for all your car care.


Tommy Adams
Buffalo, NY

This is a sample mechanic recommendation letter you can refer to; you can personalize it more by narrating your own experience. Please make sure this goes after a very good mechanic resume and cover letter are sent.

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