Recommendation Letter to the U.S. Consulate to Get a Visa

Dear Consul General,

I am pleased to write this recommendation letter to support Mark Anthony’s request for the U.S. Visa. I have known Mark for over one month. He was formerly an intern at SAP Labs, LLC before it was decided to offer him a full-time job position in the same organization.

It has been a pleasure having Mark in our company. I have been impressed with his contributions ever since he started his internship. One of the contributions of Mark is the development of a custom virtual keyboard to our project. This particular virtual keyboard replaces the native keyboard on mobile devices. The virtual keyboard would further enhance flexibility since it can be adjusted to the needs of a particular mobile application. I am happy with the real-life application of his great JavaScript knowledge. With this particular breakthrough of Mark, I am entirely convinced that he is a valuable JavaScript Front-end Developer that our company cannot afford to lose.

Apart from the fact that Mark is a talented JavaScript developer, he also has good characters. He has a strong sense of responsibility and respect for others, a great teamwork ethic, and an excellent human to human relationship. He is trustworthy, disciplined and adheres to instructions.

I know how important this visa is to Mark Anthony and our organization.  For instance, accepting this visa request would allow him to become a legal worker in our company. Mark Anthony has my total support, and I would appreciate it if his request is granted. Feel free to contact me if you need additional information about him.


Bobby Smith

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