Letter of Recommendation Template

A recommendation letter is a trend that is picking up fast. It helps students to secure admission in the institute of their preference, or assists candidates in getting their desired jobs. But writing recommendation letters is a task easier said than done. When a friend of mine, Adam understood that he needs a recommendation letter for a new job, he had no idea whom and how to ask for it. Adam researched it and this is what he concluded.

Here is a letter of recommendation template. You can use this recommendation letter template if you feel it necessary to get a recommendation letter, but make sure to make the necessary changes.

Letter of Recommendation Template

Subject: (Mention the name of the person you are recommending)

To Whom It May Concern,

With great delight I recommend, Mr. ———–, one of the best students/employees I have come across in my ———– profession, for your graduate program next year/ for the position of ————-. As the teacher of his class/his reporting manager, I noticed that his intellect, attentiveness, and integrity overshadowed any other students in his class/or most other employees. All these qualities put him on top of most students/employees and many admired him; I being one.

He was a student of the class that started ————- (period of the class)/he worked with us from ——– to ————–. In the class/during office hours; he always gave the impression that he means business. His grades/appraisals were outstanding throughout; in fact, there was always an upward curve in some or the other area of the curriculum/job responsibilities. I also checked with his other instructors/ other team members and got positive feedback from them as well. It is conclusive from the fact that his overall results/performance was consistently amongst the best.

He is a wonderful team player as well and someone who can effortlessly be the leader of a group. He always goes out of the way to help fellow students/colleagues with various tasks at hand. In all the assignments/tasks given to him, he always finishes them in time; ahead of time many times but still maintained the high-quality levels expected of him. He is also keen on additional activities like sports and theatrics. This is one student/professional whose personality reflects that he is paying attention to details, self-regulating and fantastic in team contribution which has caught the eye of not just me but also some senior members of our department.

(For Students) Our Department board even recommended him to pursue his ————— (Degree/ diploma) with our department. But has other plans and is looking for bigger challenges and exploring international avenues. I strongly believe that Mr. ————- will prove to be one of the brightest students of your program and will be someone whom you will be proud of, the way we are today. With your syllabus and under your guidance he will surely be a success in the future.

(For Professionals) Our company even offered him a promotion in XYZ department, given his ability to do versatile tasks. But he wants to focus on his current skill sets as his goals are set in accordance with his key result areas, so he declined the promotion. When he discussed this opening in your company with me, I was convinced that it would be the right career decision for him.

He indeed is one of the best students/professionals and I would appreciate it if you think about my recommendation for him. It would be an invaluable experience for him to complete his higher studies at your school/advance in his career with a company like yours. In the future, if you need any information about him, you can contact me.

(Your Name)
(Position and Company)
(Telephone Number)
Dated: ————–

My friend Adam has preserved this template for years and I am bringing it up to you after seeing how he has benefited from it.

You can refer to the template and draft a recommendation letter as per your requirements, depending upon the fact of you being a student or a professional, as there are segments in the template meant for students and working professionals. You can give this template to the person whom you ask to write a recommendation letter to make his job easy.

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