Employment Reference Letter

An employment reference letter is required when you are looking for a new job opening. This letter must have a brief description of your job profile and all the responsibilities you handled on the job. The best reference letter for a job can be from your reporting manager or immediate supervisor, with whom you have closely worked with for all the professional years in the organization. He/she will be in the best position to describe your abilities as he/she knows you well enough on the work front. It is usually very difficult to get such a reference letter from your manager at the point when you are leaving. But most of the times it is vital and unavoidable to get this reference letter.

Here is a sample of an employment reference letter you can use with the necessary changes.

Sample Employment Reference Letter

Subject: Job Reference Letter for Will Smith

To whomsoever it may concern,

I am writing this reference letter for Mr. Will Smith for a position of Manager, Talent Acquisition in your organization. He was working with me as an Assistant. Manager, Talent Acquisition in International Resource Management Inc., Silicon Valley, California for the past three and a half years. His skill in the field of recruitment are quiet exceptional and have proved to be of great value to our organization. He has a vast understanding of the client’s requirements and is great at finding resources that fit the job profiles exactly. He also has a fine judgment about a candidate’s commitment and integrity. Our clients barely have to do some basic screenings of the candidates selected by Mr. Smith.

Apart from his talent acquisition abilities he also is an efficient communicator. Being an Asst. Manager he had to regularly deal with clients and his dealings always turned out to be fruitful and ensured long term business from the clients he dealt with. He has also been responsible for acquiring three major accounts in the past one year. It speaks volumes about his management as well as marketing skills.

He is a good team member as well as he has a great rapport with all the employees of our organization he has interacted with, irrespective of the departments they belong to. He often helps out his fellow members in case of any professional needs. He is a guy easy to get along with and comes across as a spirited individual. You can feel the energy when he is around. Mr. Smith is also good at leadership and easily takes over my responsibilities in case of my absence. He can easily motivate the team members and get the best out of them.

As an organization it is a big loss for us that he has moved out. My seniors also offered him promotion to the next level of management, but in the department of Client and Public relation, given his past records. But he has this passion for talent acquisition and recruitment. So when he discussed with me his reasons for not accepting a promotion and moving out, I thought it was very logical.

I am sure that he will prove to be as good an asset to your organization as he was for ours as he has the potential to excel in the profile you are offering him. I wish him well for all his future assignments and aspirations and am confident of his bright future. In case you have any queries or concerns about Mr. Will Smith, you can always contact me.

Jack Hopkins,
Talent Acquisition

International Resource Management Inc.

Given is a sample employment reference letter for an assistant manager. If you need one such letter for a new job make sure that you deserve it. When you ask your manager, specify on the points you want to be included and ask for it well in advance. No doubt, the letter is sure to make an impact on the mind of the employer, but make sure your resume does justice to your profile.

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