Academic Reference Letter for a New Job

An academic reference letter is written when a particular person makes a reference for an individual. This is mostly done when a professor serves as a referee for a student who has applied for a job.

While writing a reference letter, you should give all the information regarding yourself. Simply write to the organization what you think is right. Explain to them why or why not they should keep your student in their organization.

Example of an Academic Reference Letter

Luke Shaw
23 Boulevard,
New York, 0984

23 April 2014
Mac Torch
KHJ Organization
House 23
Saint Boulevard
Ontario, Canada

Dear Mac Torch,

This reference letter is provided at the writing request of Brian Robson, who has asked me to serve as a reference on his behalf. It is my understanding that Brian Robson is being considered by your organization for the position of Marketing Manager. You are reminded that all information that is being written in this letter is strictly confidential and should be treated as such. This information should also not be mentioned in front of Brian Robson or anyone in your organization who is not involved in the hiring decision. Lastly, this information should also not be provided to anyone outside your organization without my consent.

I have known Brian Robson for the past eight years as he has taken the following courses which I teach: Brand Management, Marketing Management, and Marketing Research. As his professor, I had the opportunity to observe the student’s participation in class and his overall behavior. I would rate his overall performance in every subject to be extraordinary. This is evident through his grades.

Regarding the Marketing Research grade, he was asked to write a paper that he presented flawlessly. His ability to research and utilize limited resources was quite brilliant. His skill level is not only competent but also quite excelling.

Based on the performance of the student throughout his academia, I believe he is perfect for the job you have posted. If you would like to personally contact me, my number and e-mail address have been mentioned above.


Luke Shaw

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