Teacher Recommendation Letter

The most important thing you need to consider while writing a recommendation letter is that the letter should be completely related to the position you are writing for. A recommendation letter for a teacher preferably should not include her marital status, race or any personal information. The letter should briefly describe your relation to the person and the period of your association.

It should only have positive feedback. While writing a recommendation stresses on the strength and avoid the weaknesses of the person. Reveal the positive qualities of the person, especially those which could be helpful for him/her in the profession she is into. For example, a recommendation letter for a teacher will ideally include her focus on students’ interests, her caring attitude, authority on the subject, classroom handling skills, etc.

Also, bring up the behavior which is useful in day to day life. Such abilities may range from sincerity and responsibility to her logical and understanding skills. Make sure that you mention you professional background, to add to the credibility of the recommendation.

When writing a recommendation letter, even if you overdo a bit it is alright; as if to sound biased towards the person you are recommending. To learn more about recommendation letters please check our recommendation letter format.

Sample Teacher Recommendation Letter

Subject: Recommendation for Ms. Sarah Gellar for a teaching position

To whom it may concern,

I am Ms. Jennifer Anthony, Head of School at Saint Anne’s Primary School, Kansas City, Kansas. It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Sarah Gellar for a teaching position. She was my apprentice teacher last academic year, and she was fantastic. She straight away adapted to my instruction approach, but never shied away from offering her own ideas and perspectives.

Ms. Gellar is a genuine team player and at all times is focused on the best interests of the students, and the school at large. She is a self-assured teacher and handles the classroom as an experienced person. She is so good that it is hard to believe that she is a starter in the teaching profession.

Me being the head of school, have other responsibilities too. So I had to burden her with the classroom responsibilities. But she never complained, in fact, she is always on a lookout for more work. She is gifted with storytelling skills, a quality essential for any teacher, especially when your students are kids. She also has a gift for syllabus improvement. I just gave her a few quick tips and Ms. Gellar compiled the ideal course material for our grade three mid-year math program.

Her inputs were flawless and stimulating, and when put into practice they engaged the class very easily. I really envy these qualities of her. The students really adore Ms. Gellar. She is suitably respected as she is a very caring human being and looks after the needs of each and every student. Some students met me to discuss if we could do something unique to mark her last day of school, and the kids came up with the sweet idea of planting flower pots with the students’ names on each one. When Miss Gellar would see the plants grow, she would remember each of the students! She was moved to tears when she received this lovely gift from the children. I would like to think that any school will be happy to have a teacher like her. I would have loved to hire her immediately if only our district was not in the middle of a decline in enrollment. I thus give my highest recommendation for Ms. Sarah Gellar. If you need any other information about her, you can contact me.


Jennifer Anthony
Head of School,
Saint Anne’s Primary School

This is a sample of teacher recommendation letter which you can modify and use as per the requirement. Awareness in writing a recommendation letter has become a necessity as it is now considered an important tool in securing a job.

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