Personal Recommendation Letter

There are many types of recommendation letters you can use to get your desired job. College letter of recommendation, personal recommendation letters or professional recommendation letter are some of the types.

Most companies do three reference checks so it is important that you have at least three recommendation letters ready before applying for a job. Sometimes we are not sure what our employers will write about us in the recommendation letters. In case you are hunting for your first job, you have you don’t have an ex-employer to recommend you. In such scenarios personal recommendation letters can be of great help. They are also called character reference letters.

A personal recommendation letter can be written by your neighbors, acquaintances, vendors, clients or teachers/ professors. If you are associated with any organization into community service ask the leaders of that organization to write one recommendation for you. If you were with any sports team the coach of that team can write a good recommendation letter for you. If you have done some part-time jobs like babysitting, ask the people you have worked for, to write recommendations for you. Below is a sample of personal recommendation letter which can be used by job applicant who are fresher in some field or don’t have a perfect recommendation letter from ex-employers. Personal recommendation letters make a strong case for the character of a candidate.

Sample of a Personal Recommendation Letter

Subject: Personal recommendation for Jack Nicholas

To whom it may concern,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing a personal recommendation letter for Mr. Jack Nicholson. I, John Jackson, am the President of Youth Awareness centre of New York City and have known Mr. Nicholson for five years, ever since he first volunteered for our centre.

He is of tough moral and ethics, both on the job and when interacted with personally. I am amazed that he understands his social responsibilities so well at this young age. For the past five years he personally spends his free time in activities our centre undertakes in bringing awareness amongst the youth of the city. He sacrifices his time of the pleasure activities like going to a dance club or the odd soccer match for community service.

I have had the experience of personally interacting with him in some of our projects and it has been a pleasure. Jack is not just responsible but also enthusiastic and innovative in doing these activities. He is of the opinion that if the youth of this country is aware, nothing can harm this country in the long run.

He has been an active participant in programs such as Citizens Rights awareness and drugs elimination and Aids awareness. Many times he comes up with such wonderful ideas that for the past couple of years we have given him additional responsibilities like making the design of some program or attracting the target audience to attend a program. He has been shouldering such responsibilities with finesse. Jack has been in the New York City since birth and being a dynamic person that he is, he has friends from various fields. He has a fantastic ability of understanding the changing trends of the youth of this city and hence is able to communicate with them easily.

I personally recommend you to hire Mr. Jack Nicholson for any suitable position in the Department of Law Enforcement as he is not only good at generating and implementing new ideas, he also has the confidence to communicate with people and drive home the point.

He always wanted to get into law making process and has completed his LLM. I personally wish that our organization had more say in the law making process; I would have definitely retained Jack as a full time employee. I see him as a great leader in the making and I have full confidence that Mr. Jack Nicholson would prove to be an asset for your department. If you have any queries about Jack, you can contact me.


John Jackson.

Personal recommendation letters can really bolster your chances in securing a job. Given here is an ideal personal recommendation letter which you can use by making the required changes as per your desire and need.

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