Political Candidate Recommendation Letter

Of all the recommendation letters you will write the most difficult will be the political candidate recommendation letter because it is a big social responsibility. Irrespective of whether the voters will take your word seriously or not, you have to be very careful when you write such a recommendation.

A political candidate recommendation letter can be of two types; pre-screening/pre-interview recommendation and post-interview recommendation. The latter is usually written by people who are highly qualified for that job, those who screen or interview the candidates. Political candidates request pre-screening recommendation letters to people who enjoy respect among the masses to make the screening easy.

Before writing a political candidate’s recommendation letter, be sure that you genuinely think of the person as an eligible candidate for an “X” position. Gather all possible information about his background, education, community service, public image, etc. Research extensively and discuss with as many people as possible and then write the letter.

It is possible that you may change your opinion about a candidate after the research is carried out from bad to good or vice-versa. Base your decision to write the recommendation on your research. Writing a Political candidate recommendation may vary from state to state but the format in which the following letter is written can be a guideline.

Sample Political Candidate Recommendation Letter

Subject: Recommendation for Mr. Tony McDonalds as a Senator of New York

To Whom It May Concern,

I serve as a priest at the St. Ann’s Church of New York City for the past twelve years and am honored to write a recommendation for Mr. Tony McDonalds as a Senator for the state of New York. I have known him since I started my journey as a priest here, as he is a regular to the Sunday church and I had the opportunity to interact with me on several occasions and discuss various topics.

Mr. Tony McDonalds has lived in the state of New York for the past 15 years and has traveled the length and breadth of the state, so he is well versed with the cultures and tastes of the people of the state. Although he has no formal degree in law, he has acquired great knowledge of the laws of the great state of New York as he had been involved in various government departments like the Law Enforcement, Labor Welfare or Citizen Empowerment departments over the years.

Mr. McDonalds has also been involved in many community services and has addressed many public grievances in the past as a public servant. He also has great oratory skills and has the ability to hold large audiences in awe. In many of our discussions, I learned that he is a very courteous man and also has the abilities of decision making and logically approaching all the issues.

He is a very popular figure amongst the masses and understands their concerns. Mr. McDonalds is selfless and philanthropic; a quality which I feel is highly commendable for a Senator. He is always up for donations for the church whenever asked for, which states his generosity. I have found qualities of a great leader in him and you can confirm it once the interviews are held.

I am confident that Mr. Tony McDonalds’ presence in the law-making process for our state will be truly fruitful. I am a proud supporter of him and strongly recommend him as a Senator of New York.


Father DeSouza,
St. Ann’s Church,
New York City.

In this sample political candidate recommendation letter, we have outlined a format. Starting with the writer’s introduction and drawing the candidate’s qualities in tandem with the position in question and showing my sincere support. You can use this format to recommend politicians for various positions.

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