Letter of Recommendation for a Promotion

For most people, it is difficult to differentiate between business letters and non-business or personal letters. The term business letter is used vaguely. However, it is important to clear any doubts before you proceed to write any business letter of recommendation.

People often think that cover letters, recommendation letters for jobs, admission or character, resignation letters, etc. are business letters. But these are not business letters. As a matter of fact, these are letters written for some personal purposes and hence should be termed as personal letters.

Business letters are written for official reasons are always written on the letterheads of an organization. Business letters are of three types; business to business, business to customer, and internal letters of an organization. So a recommendation letter from a former employer is not a business letter, but if your boss writes a recommendation for you to get you promoted to a higher level, it is a business letter as the purpose is official.

A recommendation letter for a contractor by some company is a business letter. It is a business to business correspondence. Other business letters can be contract letters, business introduction letters, fundraising letters, apology letters to customers, follow-up letters to customers or contractors/vendors, etc. Once you are clear about the difference between personal and business letters, you will be able to write them effectively. One important fact about the aspect of a business letter is that they are clear and short, not longer than one page. Keeping all these factors in mind you can write a good business letter of recommendation. The sample recommendation letter is of a technical professional. You may also want to look at the resume of a technician here to go along with your recommendation letter.

Following is an example of a business letter of recommendation

Sample Business Letter of Recommendation

Mr. Mark Nicholas
Vice President, HR
The Soft Case Development Co. Ltd
Boston, MA
Subject: Recommendation for Promotion of Steven Smith

Dear Mr. Nicholas,

I am Ross Taylor, Manager of the Technical Support Department of our organization and the reporting manager of Steven Smith who is my Assistant Manager. I understand from reliable sources of your department that we have the position of a manager vacant in the Marketing Department. I believe Steven is just the candidate you must be looking for.

Our company has a policy of promoting eligible candidates to higher positions instead of hiring new ones. But it may not be possible for you to track the progress of every employee from every department of the company, so I am writing this letter to explain the growth of Steven.

Steven joined the company five years ago in our department; with a consistent performance he got two promotions and he became my assistant. He is a very dedicated and sincere employee and his track record is proof enough.

Being in the technical support department he has to interact with all types of customers and he excels in that. Customers are so satisfied with him that he can easily up-sell other products. Coming from a non-technical background and becoming an Assistant Manager in this department ahead of technically proficient people speaks volumes and proves that he is a quick learner.

He has all the good attributes of a leader and he has handled my team perfectly in my absence. He is always available for the team members and always gives them the credit for team success. He has gained great respect and admiration from all the team members. It will be a loss to our department when he moves out, but I believe that he is ready to handle more responsibilities and I strongly recommend him for the position of Manager, Marketing.


Ross Taylor,
Technical Support Department
The Soft Case Development Co. Ltd
Boston, MA

This is a business recommendation letter sample; it is an internal correspondence within an organization. You can also refer to our letter of recommendation from an employer which will help you write a reference letter in case you wish to write one.

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