LOR for Masters in Social Justice Admission

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to recommend Stella for admission into the Master’s program (Social Justice) of your university. I have known Stella for over two years. She was a Manager at our company (Mattress Firm Inc.) for the period of 2014-2015.

Stella was one of the valuable people that have worked in our organization. I have known her to be hardworking and reliable. She was punctual to work, dedicated and she gave her best to achieve her set goals. Before Stella was employed, our store was under-performing and we were losing clients. Within three months of employing her, she was able to positively turn things around. She assessed all store operations and identified some problems. Stella recommended offering incentives to motivate store employees and orientating them about what their work entails. To improve customer retention and customer service, she suggested an evaluation of the customer’s experience and encouraged the sales staff to demonstrate a high level of empathy, consistency and patience when relating to customers. There was a great improvement after applying Stella’s recommendations and suggestions. The Company was so proud of her brilliant, innovative ideas. The inventory was also properly managed by her and both financial and non-financial records were accurately prepared and kept, making it easy to track performance as well as the accomplishment of set organizational goals. She was able to manage time and meet up with deadlines for tasks given to her without any negative effect on the quality of delivery. Additionally, she built solid relationships with all clients, communicated well with them and ensured they were provided high-quality service. She performed outstandingly and even more than my expectations.

Stella showed her support for workplace equality and encourages unity among sales team members. She discouraged any show of laziness, lateness, cheat, disrespect and other unethical behaviors. She was a role model to her subordinates in carrying out different managerial tasks concurrently and she communicated and interrelated well with everyone as expected from a good leader.

Stella is sure to make a difference in her endeavors. I recommend her for this program and I know that anything she sets her mind to, she will succeed at. I would greatly appreciate it if her application is favorably considered and she is granted admission.  If you need any further information or question about her, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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