LORs for Masters in International Trade, Finance and Development Admission

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write this reference letter in support of John Stark’s application for admission into the master’s program (international trade, finance and development) of your school. I have known John for one year as the Activities/Operations Manager of Kaplan International and I occupy the position of an Academic Manager in the same organization.

John is one of the most valuable and respected employees that I have met and he is such a great innovative and hardworking employee. He has an excellent performance record at Kaplan International. Being the Activities/Operations Manager, he put total diligence to his duty and demonstrates a high level of dexterity and time management skills for the smooth running of his department. John masterminded the class called “Student Mentor Room.” Apart from the fact that this class gave room for the school to offer another elective to its learners, it has helped the school’s activities department become efficient as a result of reducing the time used on planning activities. The class is specifically for English language learners and is taken by John himself. The feedback from learners about John’s teaching is positive and encouraging. Additionally, John demonstrates good work etiquette and he is committed to his job. He is creative, focused, a goal-setter and strives to achieve his goals.

Having excellent communication skills coupled with a pleasing disposition has been a great advantage for John as he is able to interact well with staff members. He also possesses great analytical skills and these make it easy for him to find problems and proffer solutions to them. I believed his problem solving skill and intelligence makes him a highly qualified candidate for this program.

John Stark is sure to make a difference in his endeavors. I know that anything he sets his mind to, he will succeed. I highly recommended him for this master’s program. I would greatly appreciate it if his application is favorably considered and he is granted admission. If you need any further information or question about him, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Serena Jakes
Academic Manager

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To Whom It May Concern:

It is my immense pleasure to recommend John Stark to be admitted into the Masters in International Trade, Finance and Development program offered by your institution. I am the current Student Services Manager of Kaplan International and I met John in January 2015 when he was newly employed as the Activities/Operations coordinator. I can confidently assert that John is one of the valuable and innovative employees presently working in our organization.

John is creative, respectful, helpful and goal-oriented. With his assistance and creative skills, Kaplan International has been able to save working time and money. In 2015, John designed and implemented a new system exclusively for keeping track of study hours of all F-1 Students. Before implementing this system, carrying out this particular task effectively has been a great challenge for our school. Fortunately, with the new system designed by John, tracking is now easy for us. In fact, this system is now used in many schools in the United States of America. Ever since John has started work in 2015, he has been showing a high level of commitment to work and he gives his best to develop his department. He ensures that all members of his team work together to achieve their targets and goals while he ensures there is effective communication among them. I am sure these contributed to the success recorded on all projects they embarked on.

I appreciate the problem-solving and analytical skills of John. He believes in the economical use of financial resources and that is why he developed solutions and ideas that would help our organization save money and improve its performances. I believe these skills would to a large extent help John succeed in this program if applied. I am also convinced that this graduate program will help him and his future career in Business and Economics.

I have no doubt that accepting the application of John Stark and granting him admission into this program is a good decision to take. He has the required resources to be successful in the program. In addition, he will always be a good ambassador that you will always be proud of if admitted. If there are other questions that you want me to answer about this recommendation or John, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Laura Hobbs
Student Services Manager
Kaplan International

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