Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Writing a scholarship recommendation letter is not an easy task because a scholarship is nothing but a donation. It is a charity for bright students or for those who are in need due to financial shortfall. It is therefore important to write a neat recommendation letter to convince people to empty their pockets.

When a student asks for a scholarship recommendation letter; be sure that you know the student well and really think of him highly. If you don’t feel that the student is good enough for your recommendation it is better not to write one as someone else would be able to do it better. Ask for all the details from the student about his assignments, research, practicals and papers. It will help you in writing as you will be able to describe his qualities well. Do not mention any negatives while writing a recommendation letter for a scholarship.

Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Prof. Joe Smith
Head of Department
New York School of Journalism
University of New York
Subject: Scholarship recommendation for Mr. Andrew Hopkins.

Dear Mr. Smith,

With the greatest pride and pleasure, I am writing this recommendation for Mr. Andrew Hopkins. I have known Andrew for the past three years since he started his journalism graduation from our school. Now he wants to complete his Masters in Journalism from your institution which has a reputation of producing great journalists.

Mr. Hopkins comes across as a hard working, intelligent student who has the ability to learn quickly. He has been very focused and disciplined throughout his graduation years and has come out with flying colors with consistently good grades. He progressed from a top 5 result in his first year to a top 2 result in his final year, showing improvement all the way.

Being a student of journalism he is well-read and aware of the various genres of writing for the media. He has a great knowledge of history and general knowledge, in fact, he has a liking towards current affairs and his favorite writing genre is politics. He has been writing for our in-house newspaper since his first year and has done so well that by the end of his course he became the assistant editor for the political section.

He has good written as well as oral communication skills, a quality desired for a good journalist. He has put in extra efforts to build up his profile by carrying out various projects like news reporting, news reading, interviews and debate shows.

It is quite amazing that he is able to put in so much effort even though he has to do a part-time job to fulfill his family’s financial needs. It only exhibits his passion for the field of journalism.

Our school does not have a policy of giving scholarships to students, who pass out of here, but I have managed to convince my department and we are sponsoring him the fees of the master’s program with your university. But it will not be enough to bear all his expenses as your program involves expenses for research and projects apart from the routine expenses like food and accommodation.

In order to meet all his expenses, so that he can devote all his time to the master’s program with you, I strongly recommend him for the scholarship of your university. I usually don’t write recommendation letters for scholarships, but Mr. Andrew Hopkins is an exceptional case, so I request you to consider him for the scholarship. For any other information about him, you can contact me.


George Clinton
Senior Professor
Buffalo School of Journalism Studies,
Buffalo, New York

This is a scholarship recommendation letter sample. In case you need someone from your teachers to write a scholarship recommendation for you, you can provide them with this sample for reference. But remember, when you ask teachers for such letters ask them if they can really write a good recommendation for you. If they really appreciate you as a student, only then they will be able to write a good letter. And in a scholarship recommendation letter, you are asking for money from someone, so it better be good, so it will be easy to convince the reader about your needs.

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