Fraternity Recommendation Letter

A fraternity is a group, which usually consists of men like a sorority that belongs to women. Some fraternities have both, men and women. In a fraternity, all members are associated as equals who come together for a purpose that can be beneficial to all the associates. Fraternities can be local, national, or international.

Every fraternity serves a specific goal like work skills, educational studies, sports, law practices, politics, etc. There have been instances when trade unions have grown into fraternities. To become a member of a fraternity you must have the specific goal and interests of the fraternity and must have something to offer as well. You should be skilled enough to give and take so that you benefit and so does the fraternity.

How do you prove that you have it in you, what it takes to be a member of a fraternity? Well, there are two ways; write a fraternity interest letter or ask someone (who is already a member) to write a Fraternity Recommendation letter for you. Although both methods work, the second way is more inclined to be successful as it’s a recommendation from a member; or a brother as they term it in fraternities.

You should request a fraternity recommendation letter from a person who knows you well enough to exhibit your qualities that are in tandem with the purpose of a fraternity. This may be not so important for a work skill or an educational studies fraternity, but for most other fraternities it is necessary. A friend of mine was a member of an authors fraternity and someone requested to write a fraternity recommendation letter. Following is the letter that my friend wrote.

Sample Fraternity Recommendation Letter

Subject: Fraternity recommendation letter for Neil Perry To,
Brother John Nolan
Recruitment In-charge
Free Thinkers Fraternity,
University Chapter, Chicago, IL
Date: February 2nd, 2012

Dear John,

Many times before I have made recommendations to our fraternity and you have been kind to consider them. Today I recommend Mr. Neil Perry to our upcoming authors’ and poets’ society, The Free Thinkers Fraternity, University Chapter, Chicago. I don’t think I have ever made a better recommendation.

Neil and I go a long way back and have been friends since childhood. We went to the same high school after which we chose different paths for our careers, but we kept in touch. Neil is a budding author and I think that he has the free thinker’s ability just what we focus on in our fraternity.

He has a passion for language and likes to write on new topics. We at Free Thinkers are high on new subjects that can shape and change the future of the world. We believe that WORDS shape the WORLD. I am sure Neil has a lot to offer in this mission of ours.

Neil has written poems for the university competition and two years in a row was the second runner-up. I am sure you know that the top two were our brothers. We really have some fine authors and poets, don’t we? Neil has also written a couple of books and one has even seen the light of the day. I believe that Neil can be an interesting addition to our fraternity.

I hereby recommend Mr. Neil Perry as a brother of the Free Thinkers Fraternity and John I am sure you will consider my request. If you need any more information about Neil, I am just a phone call away.

Yours sincerely,
Knox Overstreet,
Brother, Free Thinkers Fraternity,
University Chapter, Houston, TX

Above is a sample of a fraternity recommendation letter. It is a recommendation written to an authors and poets society, one of the most difficult fraternities to get into as we all know, authors are men driven by passion, they think differently and are not always concerned about stuff like commercial aspects or practicality.

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