LOR for Masters Degree in Counseling

To Whom It May Concern:

I am glad to recommend Olivia Nash as a worthy candidate for a masters degree program in Counseling in your Graduate School. I have known Olivia for over ten years as she has worked on and off with me for over ten years doing volunteer work in helping underprivileged children.

My working together with Olivia provided me an opportunity to know about her kindness, passion and concern towards people, most especially children and young adults. Due to the love Olivia has for young people, she has been involved in many community service programs for the support and development of children and youths. One of these programs was the City Years Young Hero’s program. As the program director, Olivia was able to use the program to successfully build corps members, middle school students and team leaders. Olivia has been able to transform the life of many young people through her mentoring, educational and moral teachings. Many of the people who she mentored and taught have been able to become better individuals in the society and they are now useful to their respective community. I know Olivia to be very compassionate, energetic, strong-minded, kindhearted and obliging. She is loved by everyone and a kind of person everyone wants to be with. She relates and communicates with both the young and old in a friendly and respectful manner.

I believe earning a master degree in counseling will immensely help Olivia’s chosen career. Her craving to help people become successful and attain their full potential in life has compelled her to apply for this program. Through this program, she will be able to know what counseling entails and how to be a successful counselor. Additionally, her counseling endeavors will be more effective and impactful, and this degree will also be a steppingstone for her to build other humanity-related careers in the future.

Olivia Nash is sure to make a difference in her endeavors. I recommend her for this program and I know that anything she sets her mind to, she will succeed at. I would greatly appreciate it if her application is favorably considered and she is granted admission.  If you need any further information or question about her, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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