Reference Letters for an Instructor Job Position

To Whom It May Concern:

I am aware that Ava Manti is applying for the position of behavioral instructor in your organization and I am pleased to write this reference letter on her behalf. I have known Ava for six years as a stylist in JC Penny Hair Salon.

Ava proved to be a valuable asset for our organization and an excellent addition to our workforce. She started work at JC Penny Hair Salon in 2011 as a stylist and since that time, she has been maintaining an excellent performance and we have never regretted employing her. As the salon manager, I am greatly impressed with Ava’s performance and as a result, I am confortable having her attend to our esteemed customers. In fact, most of our customers always want her to attend to them. She makes sure one customer is satisfied before attending to another customer. Additionally, she is fast and professional when discharging her duties and recommending products to customers.

Ava relates and communicates with both staff and customers in a friendly and respectful manner. She has a great deal of respect for everyone and could tolerate different kinds of people. She is always punctual, decent and neat to work. She is an employee that I can vouch for within and outside our workplace.

I have no doubt that Ava Manti will prove her great worth to your organization. I am also confident that your organization will not regret having her as a behavioral instructor in your organization. She has all it takes to occupy this position and I am pleased to recommend her. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information about Ava Manti.




I am highly pleased to write this letter of recommendation that one of my students, Ava Manti, has applied to be a behavioral instructor in your organization. I taught Ava sociology at Harvard University in 2006.

I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of students. However, few were as open to learning and embracing new concepts as Ava. From day one, it was clear that she was not there just for the certificate; she truly sought to better her own skills and put them to use in the future. I was never disappointed with Ava’s work for my class. Her papers were always on time, well-written, and insightful. She was also eager to participate in class.

I wish I had more students like Ava. She is bright, punctual, personable, and dedicated. Ava worked well with her co-students. She was able to organize her colleagues and get them to perform scheduled academic tasks on time. She possesses good human to human relationship and excellent communication skills. She was very helpful to her friends and group when it comes to academic activities.

Based on my experience and academic relationship with Ava Manti, it is my pleasure recommending her for this job and I know she would be a good employee that your organization will always be proud of. Feel free to contact me for additional information about her.



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