Reference Letter for a New Job

SampleStreet 20,

1888, Berlin

To Whom It May Concern:

Max Sampleman was hired by Sample Company, in June 2015. The SAMPLE COMPANY is an EU-licensed and regulated financial company and the leading trading platform for Binary Options and Forex products in Europe with over 500,000 retail clients. Max served the company with distinction as an Affiliate Manager (Partnerships Manager) for from June 2015 to October 2016, and he performed excellently during the time he occupied this position. As the Head of Affiliation, it was a great pleasure working with Max.

During Max’s time with the company, he scrutinized the applications of new affiliates before they are approved. He also maintained the existing affiliates, checking their adherence to the company’s rules and policies, and providing them with help promptly. Furthermore, he ensured that affiliates performances reach the optimal level, and to achieve this by monitoring each affiliate’s performance and providing them with marketing materials to boost performance and sales. Some core tasks carried out by Max were the development of online marketing strategies to increase sales and reach of the company to potential affiliates and partners, market and competitor analysis, creation and sending of email campaigns and KPIs monitoring.

Max also distinguished himself by working tirelessly to improve the SAMPLE COMPANY’s growth. As such, he devised effective and efficient strategies, in addition to SEO and PPC, to get the best affiliates who are ready to work for our company. I was impressed by the enthusiasm he had to move his department and the company to the next level. With his support, we were able to increase our affiliate base by 25% and of course, sales were also boosted. He demonstrated his knowledge and experience of brand management, the advertising industry, and human relations.

As an active, valuable team player, Max was always available with great ideas and suggestions, and he gladly shared these with other team members to meet their set targets and goals. I am glad having Max as a member of my Affiliate Team. He possesses good human to human relationship and excellent communication skills. He was helpful and nice to all partners and employees. I am highly impressed with characters, performances, and contributions.

I have no doubt that Max Sampleman would prove his great worth to any organization that hires or employs him. I am also confident that no organization would regret having him as a staff member. I am pleased to recommend him to any organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information about him.

Best regards,

Michael SampleWoman

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