LOR for Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering Program

To the admission committee,

It is a great pleasure writing this letter of recommendation in support of George’s application for admission into the Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering program in your school. I was George’s class advisor, Guide of the robotics club, lecturer and seminar guide at College of Engineering, Trivandrum for four years. During this time, I have known him and can totally vouch for his skills and abilities.

George was one of the best students that I have advised, guided and taught. Being an attentive but inquisitive engineering student, he prepares his mind to know and understand my subjects in Robotics and Microcontrollers. When a concept is not well understood, he would call my attention to the area he needs help. Sometimes, he would visit my office for an additional guide. These helped him have excellent grades in all my subjects. Additionally, George was a regular contributor to class discussions. He demonstrates this in my class, and those of other lecturers and his ability to boldly contribute to discussions in the class has indeed sharpened his communication, research, and presentation skills. He demonstrated his presentation skills during the hand robot seminar titled, ‘EXOGLOVE’, presented by George. Apart from the timely information research and data collection on his seminar topic, he presented his seminar topic excellently such that the atmosphere was filled with applause from the audience after he finished the presentation.

Owing to the interest of George in Robotics, Microcontrollers, and Industrial Automation, he joined the Robotics Club of the College of Engineering, Trivandrum. He contributed to the growth of the club, as well as developed himself through the assistance he rendered before and after various events such as Drishti 2013 and 2014, organized by the robotics club to be successful. To broaden his knowledge and skills in the field of automation, he took part in Bosch Industrial Training program, and he was committed and diligent to all the activities carried out during the program, including the writing of the report. Furthermore, George performed well both as an individual and as a team. As a group leader, he made sure his group came first in various group assignments I gave them in the class.

George is a student that gives all his best to everything he does. His interests and dedication have driven him to the level of success as an undergraduate student. I am confident that he would do better if he is granted admission to your institution. I believe his intelligence and determination to become successful would drive him to finish this program with excellent grades. He has my highest recommendation for admission, and I would be glad if he is considered for admission. Feel free to contact me for additional information about him.

Best regards,

Dr. John D.F.

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