LOR for PhD Admission from Previous Supervisor

Admissions Committee
UC Riverside School of Education
1207 Sproul Hall,
Riverside, CA 92521

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation in support of Paul Lee’s application for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in Higher Education Administration and Policy. Paul worked as a Director of Communications for the University of Southern California (USC), Graduate Student Government (GSG) from September 2014 to April 2016. I was his supervisor during this time.

Paul performed well in the position he occupied. His key responsibilities include keeping organized, detailed records of all documents and project, and highlighting and communication of the advocacy events, issues and resources to graduate students, public and the administration. He understood what his office and position entails, hence, he was able to maintain a standard relationship with the students and the university. With this, it was easy for him to highlight and communicate various issues to the students and the university. Being a person with sagacity, Paul made used of all the resources available to him to established and maintain media and social relations, and also promote the organization. For example, he utilized his IT skills to collaboratively enhance the GSG website.

Furthermore, Paul has the exceptional talent of facilitating the participation of his colleagues and compelling those around him function at a higher level of interest and achievement. This was evident in the organization of GSG events and project implementation, where he ensured that every committee member put heads together to achieve success.  Additionally, Paul proved himself to be a good manager. He was able to manage a $12,000 budget allocated for GSG’s various expenditures which include retreats, website maintenance, and foods. As part of Paul’s responsibilities, he maintained a standard record keeping practice and he ensured that all documents including pictures of events, meetings, correspondence, orders, and supplies are properly recorded and referenced.

Apart from functioning as a director of communications, Paul also worked as an Ambassador, Admission and Recruiting at USC Rossier School of Education, where he was able to participate in information sessions and hosted campus tours. He patiently answered the questions of all applicants and gave additional admission information and requirements useful to their application. He gave his best to the general recruitment process in the department and offered his best to for a smooth recruitment exercise.

Paul Lee worked very well with me and his colleagues. His colleagues could always count on him to meet his targets, commitments and work in a cooperative and professional manner. I personally found him to be very mature, conscientious, personable and have a very positive attitude about work. He has my total support and recommendation for admission, and I would be glad if he is considered for admission to this program. Feel free to contact me for additional information about him.

Best regards,

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