Reference Letter for Domestic Couple Job

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for XXXX who is applying for a domestic couple position opened in your place. I was the direct Supervisor of XXXX for over four years and I knew him to be a highly experienced Chauffeur and Houseman.

XXXX has the most innovative and efficient housekeeping ideas, and he is one of the dedicated Chauffeur I have ever met or known. Apart from his vast driving experiences, he is a highly poised, skilled driver with a great sense of orientation. He can safely drive in busy places, either in a small or big car. He cares about the cars he drives, making sure they are clean and in good working condition.

He was extremely reliable and dedicated. As a houseman, he made sure that everything was intact, in working order, and he maintained the standard of cleanliness in all aspects of his job. His work habit showed that he is thoughtful, and his friendly personality revealed that he enjoys what he does and loves working for the principal. Additionally, XXXX was hard working, and he completed all tasks assigned to him in a timely and professional manner with less supervision. He would always do all that was needed to be done even without being told.

XXXX is extremely honest and trustworthy, and he has built for himself an excellent reputation. Also, he has never been involved in any act of indecency, such as pilfering or stealing. That made it easy to send him on errands involving cash without fear. Moreover, he has a caring heart and would always want to help in the best way he could. He demonstrated this by helping the housekeepers with the cleaning of the inside of the home. Another great thing about XXXX is that he respects confidentiality and knows how to build a respectful relationship.

There is no doubt that XXXX knows what it means to be a houseman, and how to take care of a home to look good, neat, and tidy. His experience in this industry has developed him to work professionally and to follow the ethics of his job. There is no need to supervise him much because he knows when and how to do his job, and even how to train others to do it as perfectly as he would have done it. I strongly urge you to consider hiring XXXX for this job position as you would be significantly impressed with his professionalism and performance. With him, your properties are in safe hands, and he would definitely take care of them. If you need additional information about him, please feel free to contact me.



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