Long Layoff Recommendation Letter

Writing a layoff recommendation letter can be a painful task as you have to end the employment contracts of good employees. Layoff means ending or terminating the employment of a worker. Usually, layoffs are temporary and to a group of workers and not just one person. Companies lay off people for reasons like downsizing, inadequate amount of work opportunities, lesser business during an economic crisis, or even because of modernization when new technologies are invented and fewer workforce is required.

In times of economic crisis and modernization layoffs can be permanent as well. When some company lays- off workers, it is advisable to get recommendation letters from employers stating the valid reason for the layoff. It proves that the worker is laid-off due to some inability on part of the employer and not due to the lack of ability of the worker. It is necessary to get a recommendation letter so that a prospective employer gets a clear idea about the employee’s situation, especially during long layoffs. If you have any doubts about drafting such a letter, the following is a sample of a long layoff recommendation letter.

Sample of Long Layoff Recommendation Letter

Subject: Layoff recommendation letter for Mr. Jack Hobbs.

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to notify you that Mr. Jack Hobbs has been laid-off from his employment in our organization as we are cutting jobs to bear with this economic crisis. Mr. Hobbs was employed with our company since 2005 and has been a sincere and hardworking employee.

It is very unfortunate that we have laid-off 50 percent of our workforce since January last year as we are downsizing due to a lack of sufficient orders. Initially, we offered many employees part-time jobs or decreased their paycheck, but as the crisis has gone from bad to worse, we were left with no option but to lay off people.

We have a policy of first in last out when it comes to layoffs and as per that rule, we have to layoff Mr. Hobbs in this batch of job termination. We will not be in a position to hire people again at least for a year and that too will be done as per the last out first in the policy.

Mr. Jack Hobbs has proved to be an employee who has consistently maintained high standards as far as his work is concerned and is one of the most intelligent people I have come across. He has won the best employee award for three years since he started working with us, which proves his exceptional abilities. It is rather unfortunate that we have to lose an employee like Mr. Hobbs.

Mr. Jack Hobbs has been an asset to our organization and he will prove to be so, for any other company. He is a multi-talented person and will do well in any career he wants to pursue. I strongly recommend Mr. Hobbs for a job in your organization for any suitable position. It will be great for him to find a job soon in these downtimes. For any other information about him, you can contact me.


Arnold Schumacher
HR Manager,
ABC Company Ltd.
Date: January 14th, 2012

When writing a long layoff recommendation letter, it is important that you draw out all the qualities of the employee and clearly state the reason for the layoff. Also, mention the policy for layoff which is followed in your organization.

Employees being laid-off should make sure that they get a recommendation letter from a suitable authority of the organization. Usually, it is the HR department that will have the responsibility of drafting such letters. So the HR personnel who have to write such letters can refer to the sample of long layoff recommendation letter given here.

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