Answers to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Questions

In your own words, describe the purpose of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

The purpose of Alpha Kappa Sorority is to promote love and oneness among college women, to help girls and women overcome diverse challenges, and to render humanitarian services to the world.

List any activities that have allowed you to serve as a role model for girls and/or women on your campus or in your community:

A “Help an Orphan Walk” where I led a group of teens in my community to raise funds for orphans

What talents do you possess that will ensure that Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will maintain its status as the premier Greek-lettered service organization for college-trained women?

I don’t give up easily when faced with challenges and I am always courageous in my doings.

Please list one program you would implement as an undergraduate member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Describe the target audience and purpose.

HIV/AIDS Test Awareness Campaign

My target audiences are teenagers and youths below 25 years and this is because they are faced mostly with youthful exuberance. Even from a survey, teenagers are the most victims of the infection all over the world. They are the ones that get the most sexual urges and most are done without protection. Also in most cases, they have more than one sex partner who they don’t know his/her HIV/AIDS status. They can only know their status when they get tested.

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