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Writing Wedding Thank You Notes Samples – Wedding Thank You Wording

Wedding thank you notes with loving wedding thank you wording make the receiver feel the gift they gave is valued and they are valued as well. You can postpone writing wedding thank you notes up to 3 months, due to the honeymoon period. Although, this is considered in good taste, if you reply within 3 weeks, your wedding thank you note will be even more graciously received.

Feel free to copy and paste any of the wedding thank you notes samples and wedding thank you wording on this page. If you need more thank you note samples for other occasions, click the links to the left and browse the Thank You Note site.



You can’t imagine our excitement when we opened your gift! Thank you so much for your very generous gift certificate. With all the things we want to set up our new home, now we can go on a shopping spree and get everything we need. We are just thrilled! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Gratefully yours,

Dear Mr and Mrs.____________

The one thing we truly need was _____________. You would not believe how many times we have already used it this week alone. Thank you so much, we just love it! Most importantly, we thank you for sharing our wedding day with us.


Wedding Thank You Note Samples

Sometimes, not knowing someone well enough makes it difficult to figure out what to say when writing wedding thank you cards. Well, you’ve come to the right place to get  wedding thank you note samples. You can keep your writing tasks easy by beginning the thank you process as soon as you receive your wedding gifts.

Keep in mind, if both of you pitch in, the job can be accomplished in a less daunting way. Keep the wording for the wedding thank you cards short which will help in reducing the time spent in composing each card. Also, use your invitation list as an address book and checklist.

Follow the sample wording for wedding thank you cards and wedding thank you note samples we’ve given below and throughout our links, and you’ll be just fine!

All the best to you…

Wedding Thank You Note Samples – Sample Wording For Wedding Thank You Cards

A wedding thank you note to someone you’ve just met:

Dear Mrs. Houston:

Thank you for the lovely sculpture you gave to John and me as a wedding gift. We will certainly treasure and enjoy it for many years to come. It was great to finally get to meet you at our wedding. Thank you so much for sharing and contributing to our special day.


Christina Marie Bartlett

Sample thank you wedding wording to a special friend or relative:

Dear Uncle Steven:

Thank you so much for the incredibly beautiful Dresden China. What a wonderful heirloom – it will stay with us always to be passed down to our future children. We loved having your at our wedding, and as usual, you were the life of the party. Bill and I look forward to seeing when we return from our honeymoon.

With all our love,


Sample wedding thank you card for a gift off of the registry:

Dear Lauren:

Thank you so much for the silverware set – the pattern is quite beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind. We will use it for years to come. It was such a thoughtful and much needed gift.

Warm regards,

Joan and Steve

Wedding thank you note samples – Thank you card when you do not like the gift:

Dear Mr and Mrs Stern:

Thank you for the matching pair of red, black and yellow throws. A really unique gift that is truly appreciated. We will surely use them when winter sets in. Thank you also, for joining us at our wedding. We hope to see you soon.

With love,

Brette and Theresa

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