Sorority Recommendation Letter for PNM Template

This is a sorority recommendation letter template. Just fill in the […] with the right texts. This template can be used for any sororities or fraternities.

Sorority/Fraternity Recommendation Letter Template

[Your Name]
[Your Street Address]
[Your City, State and zip code]
[Your email address (be sure to unlink)]
[Your Phone Number]

[Today’s Date: Month Day, Year]

[Sorority House Street Address]
[City, State zipcode]

Dear Reference Chair,

I am writing to you today about my [your relationship to the rushee], [rushee’s first and last name]. She will be attending [college/university] in the Fall and she will also be going through sorority recruitment. I am a(n) [sorority] alumna from [college/university YOU graduated from] and I know she will make an excellent addition to [sorority] at [college/university] for many different reasons.

[Rushee’s first name] is extremely [adjective], very [adjective], and [adjective]. [Describe how you know the rushee]. I have known her for [amount years/months] now and [describe positive characteristics of rushee].

[List out the rushee’s qualifications, achievements, extracurriculars, leadership roles, etc: top % of the class, sports teams, charities, volunteering, academic achievements, awards, honors, etc.

Describe what the rushee likes doing in her spare time that would make her a good fit with the girls in your sorority.]

[Rushee’s first name] would make an outstanding member of [college/university]’s [sorority] because she is dedicated to academic success, passionate about philanthropy and serving others, and she is outgoing, active, and involved in several different social and sporting extracurriculars. I truly believe that [rushee’s first name] will shine in [sorority] and could possibly [something you could see rushee accomplishing or achieving in/through sorority]!


[Your first and last name]

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