LOR for Masters in Sports Administration Program

Dear Admissions Committee:

It is my pleasure to recommend Jayden to you for your Masters in Sports Administration program. Jayden has been my student and mentee for over ten years. He is one of my most loved mentees and I am always proud of him. He has a great interest in sports and he is actively involved in sports through coaching and mentoring.

During the ten years that I had the privilege of coaching him, Jayden stood out as a leader both on and off the gridiron. He showed a high level of engagement and an impressive performance as an athlete. In addition, he is a goal oriented, dedicated and self-motivated individual. He rises to the occasion and is at his best when his best is needed.  His competitive nature makes him an outstanding performer under pressure. He also displays sportsmanship at all times and is an excellent role model.  Jayden is a tremendous leader and understands the importance of leading by example.  He is well respected by his teammates and is extremely unselfish.

Jayden’s dream is to combine his art background with passion for sports and this program is one good way to achieve this dream. Furthermore, this program is another way to prove his love for sports and build his sport career while the people he is mentoring will be able to gain more from him due to the exposure he will be getting in this particular field of study.

Jayden is precisely the sort of person who should do well in your Master program. He is motivated and academically skilled, outgoing and professional. I recommend him without reservation.


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