How to Write a Request Letter (Request Letter Samples Included)

What is a Request Letter?

A Request letter is written to ask for information from a corporation or individual and a request letter is prepared to send a request to someone for a specific action such as the change in decision, increase in salary etc. Request letter is a formal letter used almost in all fields of life.

Request letters contain basic details such as your name, recipient name, recipient address and contact details. The body of a request letter contains the purpose of writing request letter, required favor and reason of requiring this favor. A request letter needs a close attention to spellings and grammars and while writing it, you need to be concise so try to keep your request letter to the point. While writing a request letter, you should keep your tone humble and polite because you are requesting someone to take your desired action.

Why write a letter of request?

There are several numbers of situations that warrant a letter of request such as:

  • When asking for an interview
  • Asking for a letter of recommendation
  • Requesting information
  • Asking for a fund raise
  • Asking for an employment reference letter
  • Asking for donations

Things to Consider While Writing Request Letter

  • Think of your audience instead of being self-centered
  • Express your willingness to reciprocate the kindness or favor because it can act as your goodwill.
  • Introduce yourself by reminding your accomplishments and memorable attributes. You can also account your previous projects
  • Try to keep your tone straight forward by focusing on your main message but avoid irrelevant information
  • Be clear and specific; let the reader understand what you are requesting. Be careful to avoid skipping of useful information.
  • Try to be systematic while tailoring the request letter, read the mind of the addressee and anticipate all facts or documentation that he/she may need
  • Always remember that through request letter you are going to use the other person’s time, talents or other resources, therefore, try to be courteous while writing
  • Make your request easy to comply with. Keep your request practical and easy so that the receiver can easily accommodate you
  • While writing request letter, try to be confident and persuasive
  • List your contact information such as full name, mailing address, phone number, etc. for any query.

A request letter can bring positive results if drafted appropriately. Therefore, while writing a letter of request you, should keep your wish exactly in mind to tailor the letter accordingly. After completing the draft of letter, you should proofread it more than twice to remove logical and grammatical errors.

A request letter is written to ask recipient to do something or stop him/her from taking some actions therefore while tailoring request letter writer should pay particular attention to the structure given for each letter. Persuasiveness is a time-tested formula for the approval of request letter. A request letter is an ideal medium for requesting a favor because it allows you to make a request from other person in writing. If you want to make your request letter effective and result oriented, you should follow a proper format of a request letter. The tone of the request letter should be polite instead of demanding and threatening. You need to show reader that your case is important to review. Try to explain your words exactly so that reader can easily understand what to do.

Request Letter Format

A proper format of request letter is necessary in order to make your letter compelling. Today I will provide you information about the format of request letters. Basically, a request letter should have three parts which are:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Complimentary close


The introduction of the letter should contain the sender’s name, recipient name, contact addresses, city state zip code etc.

The body of the letter should be very simple and usually should contain one or two paragraphs. In this part of the letter, you can mention incentives for receiving party to get your desired response in a positive way. Through request letter, you can also ask for additional information leading to the purchase of merchandise from the company.

A request letter can be complex or simple as it depends on nature of the request letter. A request letter with no incentive for receiver is a complex request letter, therefore, it needs to include some persuasive writing. Sales letter for monetary donations is also a complicated request letter.


Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph usually contains one or two sentences. So try to make your main request here.

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph contains necessary details which help reader to understand your request. This can also be part of opening paragraph in simple request letter. If you intends to ask more than three items or pieces of information you can consider bullets to explain your needs.

Closing Paragraph

The closing paragraph is a call for specific action. Here you can restate your request with the date you need a response and also explain the reason why you need the response on the given date. If you are going to make a payment in conjunction with the request, you can also state details of payment in this paragraph.

Complimentary Close

In the complimentary close, you should show your good wishes to the reader by writing a compelling line and also include your name as well as contact address for further details. After printing the request letter, sign it to increase its authentication and give it a personalized touch.


6548 ABC Hancock Drive
Ramp villa, WA 44045

Customer Service
Power Theatre Systems, Inc.
0124 ME 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 145255-4432

Dear Mr. Paul,

I am writing this letter to ask some details of your product. I am interested in purchasing your Model X21 in-home theatre system and writing this letter to request some additional information about this product. Particularly I need to know complete details about wiring or other system requirements needed for installation. Additionally I would like to receive a list of recommended upgrades. I will also need handling details of Model X21 along with necessary precautions.

Please send this Model X21 information by May 30, 2011. I would like to make my decision for the purchase of this product by June 15. You can contact me at 111-222-3334 for any information regarding my address or any other concern.


Karin Johns

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