Fundraising Request Letter

BY _________________________
Name of Recipient,
Designation of Recipient
Name of organization,
Address of organization
City, State, Zip Code

Dear [write name of recipient here],

I am working as [write your designation such as BOD] at [write name of organization here]. As a member of board fundraising is one of my key duties. [Write name of organization] is now introducing two types of fundraising activities that may interest you [write details of fundraising activities such as gala dinner at PC hall and raffle show].

[Write name of organization] is a well-known organization which has record of 20 years of excellence. It works to bring people together throughout watershed to develop creative programmatic solutions for positive development in the lifestyle of people. To achieve this goal, [write name of organization] works in close proximity of [write name of organization], developers and landscapers. For example, [write name of organization] negotiate with [Write work procedures of your organization with your partners and experts].

On June 1st, [write name of organization] is sponsoring [write name of event] at [write time]. I hope you will join us to encourage our fundraising efforts. In this event, you can enjoy [write details of event activities, speeches, presentations and refreshments]. If you would like to join us please send RSVP form to [write name of organization] and let us know. You can get ticket from [write address] at [write ticket price] per person.

Thanks for taking time to read this letter and also hope you will join to help us. For more details or any query you can contact us at 111-222-3592 or email us at to let us know if you are interested in either of these wonderful opportunities.

Thank you in anticipation for your assistance.


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