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The following are excellent MBA Essay Samples that were written by professionals.

MBA Essay on Information Technology Management

When it comes to effective modern learning strategies, nothing could compare to the wonders of computer technology. I could attest very well to this. I was born and raised in a suburb that basically has more animals than people, so the idea of going to school, getting good grades and a diploma and all that seems like such a distant thing. But I heard about it from Hyacinth, my cousin who hails from New York, and she’s an MBA from one of the finest Universities in the city. She would tell me about the wonders of going to school, about meeting classmates and teachers, and yes, of encountering technologies. The only piece of technology I knew then as that huge machine we use to grind wheat and barley. Hyacinth gave me a scholarship and took me with her to New York, where I studied from grade school to high school. Then, I got a job as a sales clerk in a fastfood outlet and supported myself to college. After four years, I was able to finish my bachelor’s degree in education, majoring in computer technology. This began my passion for information technology.

Information technology for me is not only the key to advancement. It is advancement. We are currently in the information era–the period in time when knowledge is power. If you have knowledge, you get influence. With the knowledge that you have, you get respect. With that respect, you get opportunities. When you have opportunities, you get a job. When you get a job, you get money. And then, you have the option to use it to help others advance themselves. Now what better way to spread knowledge and empower the people than through information technology.

When I finished my bachelor’s degree, I headed off to an international school and got a job as a software developer and teacher. As a software developer, I was able to manage our school’s website and cause it to win the local Most Wanted Web Awards last 2004. As a teacher, I was able to coach my students all throughout learning not just the benefits of computers but also the benefits of mankind to computers. Basically, my principle is that you should not let gadgets control you; instead, you should control the gadget. That is what I call real power. I believe this is the principle that caused such a revolution in my classes–for the past three years that I taught, some 30 to 40 percent of the graduates every year sought a career in information technology. And, they would always come back to the school and commend me for having inspired them to be the driving force behind the industry of information technology.

Now, as I proceed to take an MBA in information technology management with the aid of the school in which I served for the past three years, my goal is to lead our school’s information technology team with zeal and expertise. I believe I can achieve all of this and acquire all the skills I need through the MBA. With all my experience and capabilities, I am assured that I have what it takes to be the right candidate for this program.

MBA Essay on Organizational Development

Utopia. It means a perfect society, one that is devoid of all distraction, chaos, and disorder. Is it possible in today’s society, when war is on the roll once more between people of varying languages and cultures, when the basis for respect is if you have power, wealth, and popularity? Times like these, a utopian society may no longer come into existence, but at least, in our own humble ways, we can contribute to the realization of a community that lives up to its name–a group of people who are united in cause and faith.

This is my principle as a psychologist. I have been in the service of an educational institution for four years now as a guidance counselor. As one, I get to mingle with students, listen to their whims, their angst, and all the things that they would not tell their parents or even their peers. Come days when the students would not go to school, I double as a trainer for the teachers and the library staff. I don’t necessarily teach them the three R’s of learning, which I so believe is already their expertise. I teach them–no, I share with them–about LIFE, what it is for me, what it could be for them, how we could lead each other to grow in our lives every single day. And I’m glad to see results. Once, a high school girl came to me crying, saying she was raped by her boyfriend. I helped her recuperate. It wasn’t easy. She needs somebody to talk to all the time. After a few months, she’s moved on. Now, she is on her way to becoming a psychologist, just like me.

This as well as other key events in my life as a psychologist inspired me to pursue a masters in business administration degree in the field of organizational development. This should allow me to bring my innate organizational and leadership capacities to full use through studies, training, and research on bringing about positive development not just in an organization as a whole, but with every individual who is part of the organization. I would like to test myself and be involved in an educational institution with people who, like me, have a passion for people and for doing things for people the humble way.

With the skills and competencies that I will be garnering from my MBA in organizational development, my goal is to get into an administrative position in the academe, specifically in organizational development. This will help me bring about my dream of a utopian society–a society that is built on love. This will also help me be at par with the successful individuals in the industry and add to that my own touch of magic–that is, humility and love.

MBA Essay on Overcoming Cultural Challenges

As an individual living in the Far East without English as its primary language, nothing has affected my life’s direction more than my decision to pursue secondary education in the United States. Coming from a mid- working class family in a community that has common hopes and aspirations borne out of building lives and careers in the comfort of my native country, it was a big decision for me to leave all of these things behind to pursue a potentially difficult life without friends or family in a distant land that I have only previously seen in Western movies. As I’ve learned, real life is not exactly as it happens in American cinema, but I constantly wondered what it would be like to live in the Great West.

My drive for ambition, career success and thirst for competition, however, proved to be far greater than a desire for a life of safe comfort, and so I finally arrived at the difficult choice of leaving for America. For one thing, I’ll never really know just how hard it is or what life really is like in the States away from everything if I don’t try it out myself. This realization of a need for a first hand experience is what ultimately led me to decide my fate and leave the land of my heritage.

I enrolled in a college university where I had to balance learning in an all-English environment with adjusting to the realities of living in a foreign land. Although my grades weren’t as exemplary as those I had been used to, I realized later on that these marks are something to be even more proud of since they were the result of hard work, determination and a drive to prove myself and what I was capable of doing in this new place.

I have definitely come to love this new place that I now call home, complete with all its socio-cultural diversities and rich heritage. Thus, it is my greatest hope and dream to further pursue my studies here at ____ University under the business administration program. A degree in business administration serves to further increase my desire for future career success by instilling the qualities and skill sets that a future leader is required of. This desire continues to fuel my passion for the high caliber education that only a well-respected university can provide, and it is this passion that, up to this day, has been driving me to excel in all aspects of my continued education here in the United States.

I have always been grateful for the fate that has been given me, and would definitely take the great risk once again if I were given the chance.

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