EQ Endorsement for MBA Admission

Please provide one specific and compelling example to demonstrate the applicant’s emotional intelligence. (250 words maximum)

John and I are colleagues in the Cantor Fitzgerald Wealth Management department. We used a data dump to download the data from Morningstar and save them to spreadsheets manually. Then we used the reference function to get the data point. However, this manual data dump was perceived to be inefficient and time-consuming since we have to support multiple advisor teams having hundreds of clients. We thought about replacing our data dump method with API to directly input data from the Morningstar database. This task was specifically assigned to John. After working on the task for a few days, John reported an issue. For unknown reasons, the data output by data dump and API had differences ranging from 5 to 20 basis points. He informed our boss that he had tried every possible solution, but our boss believed the issue is fixable while John believes it is not. He asked John to double-check and fix the problem, and John agreed.

I tried to persuade John to stand his ground, but he explained that our boss might feel embarrassed being corrected openly and this could cause a conflict. So the best thing he could do was to find an alternative to achieve the common goal. After several days, John successfully developed an optimized data dump method. John informed the CIO about his new method that would save half the time while the API method is being fixed. Everyone was happy because of the optimized method. I’m glad John utilized his emotional intelligence (EQ) excellently in this situation.

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