Rejection Quotations Letter


When a buyer rejects a quotation or other offer, he should write and thank the seller for his trouble and explain the reason for rejection. Not to do so would show a lack of courtesy.
The letter of rejection should cover the following points. It should:

(i) thank the seller for his offer,
(ii) express regret at an inability to accept,
(iii) state reasons for non-acceptance,
(iv) make a counter-offer’9 if, in the circumstances, it is
(v) suggest that there may be other opportunities to do business together.

The following are examples of suitable rejection letters.

a). Buyer rejects seller’s quotation.

25th February 2010

Dear Sir

In answer to my enquiry you were good enough on 19th February to quote for the supply of a quantity of straw boards and to send me a sample.

I thank you for your trouble in this matter, but as your prices are very much higher than those I have previously paid for straw-boards of the same quality, I regret not being able to give you an immediate order I shall now seek quotations from other dealers, but may find it necessary to refer to you again if their prices are not an improvement on your own.

Yours faithfully

Thomas Smith

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