Letter Regretting an Oversight

If you have made a mistake or are in any way at fault, admit it freely and without excuses—even gratefully. It would then be difficult for a customer to continue to hold a grudge against you.

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15th February 2008

Zaragoza Advertising,
1125 / K – Mandalay Street,
Darwin – 682 016.

Attn: Purchase Manager

Letter of Regret on Oversight

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I was very concerned when I received your letter complaining that the central heating system in your new house has not been completed by the date promised.
On referring to our earlier correspondence, I found that I had mistaken the date for completion. The fault is entirely mine and I deeply regret that it should have occurred.

I realize only too well the inconvenience my oversight must be causing you and will do everything possible to avoid any further delay. I have already given instructions for the work to have top priority and the engineers working on the job will be placed on overtime. These arrangements should see the work completed by next weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Jonathan

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