Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Graduate School Computer Science

Personal Statement for Caltech Graduate School Computer Science

I’m always in love with Environment, Engineering and Computers and truthfully, without a computer and the right application of its knowledge, engineering will not work stand-alone. A computer is needed to do engineering mathematical calculations, structural designs and engineering programs development. An example of what can be created with computers is the Robotics field in computer science. I have an interest in learning how to write computer programs that I can put to use in my career path.

We have had a lot of times in engineering where the industrial engineering tools are not the only things we needed, but we needed a program like java to program our engineering theories to make their application easier. Another good reason for my interest to study computer science is my observation about today’s kids who know little or nothing about computers, compared to 15-20 years ago, and this doesn’t seem to change any time soon. So a big shortage of workers will happen unless a web 4.0 or something happens. And that is why I like to do research and as well want to teach in the future.

I have had experiences in the Medical Field and extensively in the Engineering field. I studied at Iran Medical University, Tehran and had my Associate’s Degree in Public Health in 2004. I had my internship at Jaberebnehayvan Pharmaceutical Company-Karaj, Iran in 2006. My Associate Degree in Public Health has afforded me the ability to know what Public Health is and how important it is in the society. Starting my journey to the field of engineering, I progressed to study at Azad University, Tehran where I barge a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering in 2007. I moved to the American University of Armenia, College of Engineering where I had my Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and System Management in 2010. During my Master’s degree program at AUA, I researched Algal Biofuel production under the supervision of Dr. Artak Hambarian and Dr. Edwin Safari as my Master’s thesis which I gave the presentation in 2010. During my engineering course, I designed a 3D model of a Stand for iPhone with Solid Works but I am always interested to program and write an app for iPhone as well. With the skills I learned in the environmental and industrial engineering field, the concept of computer science can be enhanced in the computing fields where engineering formulas and mathematical models can be incorporated into the computer.

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Furthermore, because of the zeal I have for computer science, I have had a lot of trainings and experiences in the use of computer graphics designing, and desktop publishing applications which include Solid Works, Surf-CAM, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office packages, PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, In-Design, Freehand, and some computer languages such as HTML. I am also familiar and technically competent in Internet Marketing Technology using SEO Woorank, Alexa, Majestic SEO, Traffic Travis, SEMRUSH, and WEB CEO. I have graduated to be a professional Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist which is my present field of expertise in the IT world not neglecting my field of engineering. After I receive my MS/Ph.D. degree in computer science, I plan to pursue a career in teaching computer and I will use my knowledge of programming to create useful application software that will be a great innovation in engineering.

I am interested in learning basic and advanced computer programming languages, and I want to know how to apply programming knowledge to engineering. I will also need advanced knowledge of computers to accomplish and enhance my research goals in engineering and in computer science itself. So to achieve this, I will need to apply and get admitted into a computer science program which I am very much interested in Caltech. I believe that the MS/Ph.D. program at the Computer Science department of Caltech fits my academic needs and professional goals. I have gone through the web pages and publications originating from Caltech and have found several areas of interest to me. The highly equipped laboratory facilities, the renowned faculty at Caltech and the flexibility and diversity of the graduate program attract me.

I consider it a great chance to work with the excellent research group at Caltech and I believe that I have the necessary background to make this a union of interests. I am looking for the opportunity to strengthen my ability for research, develop authentic ideas and be part of a creative process. I hope to find opportunities that will improve my abilities and help tap my complete potentials. I look forward to discovering my mind at the California Institute of Technology and applying to the pursuit of contemporary research challenges throughout my career.