How to Write a Winning Resume

It’s Not That Hard to Write a Great Resume!

Your resume should perform one function – to get you into an interview for a position that you are interested in.

With that being said, why do some resumes make it to the top of the pile and others end up in the human resource office trash can? Most likely it’s because the resumes that were kept showcased that person’s talent and skills right upfront. That’s what writing a winning resume can do for you as well!

Key Benefits to Writing a Winning Resume:

  • It let’s an employer know what specific skills you possess.
  • It also demonstrates that you are a person of action and effort.
  • It describes quickly how you are a problem solver and a team player.
  • It tells a potential employer that you are a good match for an interview.

What a Winning Resume Contains

After more than 20 years of writing resumes, we have discovered that there are a few key qualities that a successful resume must have to catch the attention of a prospective employer.

Easy Flow Format

Your resume will flow smoothly and seamlessly down the page or pages. This means that there should not be any formatting issues where one line is jutting out or several are uneven. The font and layout are critical as well and we cover more of that in the Resume Layout section.

Show Me the Money

Your resume will start off right up front with a powerful Summary of Qualifications whereby your potential employer already begins to feel the impact of your resume right from the top of the page. We discuss Resume Objectives on this site as well and why we think that the Summary Of Qualifications is a stronger tool to use. Making someone want to read the rest of your resume begins with a solid summary of who you are and what you can offer a company.

You’ve Got Skills

This is where most resumes fall extremely short. Whether you have had 2 jobs or 20, you have learned some valuable skills along the way that are extremely transferable to other positions.

When someone lists just two or three lines for a position on a chronological resume format, they may be doing themselves an injustice by not putting all of their skills and experience out there for someone to see. Also, when someone uses a functional resume format, they may weigh their resume too heavily on the skills and leave out their work information.

That’s why you’ll see that this site really focuses on the combination resume format or sometimes known as the hybrid or chrono-functional resume format. We love this resume writing format as it emphasizes both your skills and your work history in one resume! We believe it’s the best of both resume formats and we’re going to show you how to create yours the easy way!

So click on the Choose the Best Format section if you would like to review all three formats and see actual resume samples.

Or you can get your resume started by going right now to the Step-by-Step section and begin creating that winning resume!