Steps to Writing a Resume

What You Need to Do to Create a Powerful Resume

Your resume is a showcase for your skills and experience and it has one sole purpose, to get you in front of your potential employer for an interview.

So what are the steps to writing a resume?

Step 1 – Format

Resumes are usually written in three standard formats:

  • Chronological – listed by company in date order
  • Functional – focus on skills and education
  • Combination – focus on both skills and employment history

You will need to select a format depending on what your specific needs are. We highly recommend the combination format resume as we have had numerous clients experience success with this format.

Step 2 – Resume Objective or Summary of Qualifications

Resume objectives can be very plain and boring if you do not word them correctly. Employers want to know more about you than just the fact that you are looking for a job. A summary of qualifications offers you the ability to place a three-line paragraph at the beginning of your resume that creates a very strong first impression.

Step 3 – Resume Power Sentences

One of the biggest steps to writing a resume is creating a strong impression with your reader. That only happens when the reader sees sentences on a resume that really showcase a person’s skills and experience in a powerful way.

Creating those killer resume power phrases that will get your phone ringing is really not that difficult if you know how the formula works. You can review our resume power sentence formula and begin creating sentence after sentence of impacting information for your potential employer

Step 4 – Resume Layout

The final step to resume writing is to make sure that you have your resume designed where there is plenty of “white space” or spacing in and around your paragraphs and bullet points. There needs to be a nice flow to your resume and white space really helps create that look.

Be careful not to place too much information on your resume as it can appear to look very busy and crammed. That will not create a positive impression on your reader. Also do not reduce your font size so small that your resume is difficult to read. Instead, create two pages and space them out evenly.

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