How to Write Resume Power Sentences

This is the part of your resume where you get a chance to showcase everything that you can do for your potential employer.

Your resume power sentences are simply one-line bullet points that give an example of something that you have learned or a skill you used that fits under the skill groups you have selected. They demonstrate that you have been an effective employee in the past and will be again for your new company.

They are very easy to create once you get going and we’ll share with you our formula for building a great power sentence.

So here we go!

Step 1. Start with your first skill group and write down some events or activities that you have done that fall into that category.

For example, if your skill group is “sales” then you may want to think about some of the things you have done in your sales position like managing customers, meeting sales quotas, giving sales presentations, and so on and make a list of things you’ve done.

Step 2. – Select an action word from our Resume Action Word section that fits well with one of your items on the list.

For example, if we are still working with the sales skill group and your sentence is that you gave sales presentations then you would select a word from the action word list that would fit well with giving sales presentations. Great action words could include “facilitated” or “performed” since you were giving a presentation.

Step 3 – End the sentence with a result from the role that you performed. In staying with the sales theme, see our example below:

Original sentence idea:

Gave sales presentations

Action word included:

Facilitated several sales presentations

Result added to the end of the resume power sentence:

Facilitated several sales presentations resulting in new business growth of 10%.

Can you see how the final sentence added drive and momentum to it? That’s the beauty of using resume power sentences in your resume writing.

When your prospective employer reads dozens of these power sentences, the impression that you will create will be so much stronger than if you simply left your sentences plain and ordinary.

So here’s our formula for great power sentences:

Action Word + Role/Responsibility + Results = Power Sentence

So take your list of responsibilities and accomplishments and add those resume action words as well as the results and you will have a page full of resume power sentences ready to shine the light on you!