Resume Objective Tips – The Secret Tips That Will Transform Your Resume

What You Need to Know About Resume Objectives

Resume objectives have become one of the most discussed topics regarding resume writing. Why? We believe that it is because they are becoming a part of the past and that companies who are hiring are looking for something more from that section of your resume.

Many people include information in their resume objective that is already known to the person reading the resume. You’ve probably seen (or maybe even used) some of these standards, repetitive resume objective phrases:

  • Seeking a position in (profession) that will offer me a chance to grow with the company.
  • Interested in a career in (profession) that will provide me an opportunity for growth.
  • To find a position that will allow me to use my skills and experience to add to that company’s bottom line.

Take a look at those sentences, not much of an impression made after reading them, right? Your resume reader already knows that you are looking for a job and that you want to use your skills and experience. That’s what they are hiring you for.

The resume reader also wants you to grow with the company or else they would be making a bad decision on hiring you in the first place. Your job, if you are hired would hopefully be (for the company) that you do increase their bottom line and that you continue to do so for a long time.

Here are our resume objective tips:

1. Review your resume and see if you really have an outstanding resume objective already prepared that is going to create a strong first impression with your readers. Make sure it doesn’t say anything they already know. If not, read our next tip!

2. One of the biggest resume objective tips we can offer is that you consider a slightly different approach and use a summary of qualifications instead.

Why? Because a summary of qualifications is a three-line paragraph that describes your skills and experience and creates a very strong first impression!

Here’s what a summary of qualifications looks like:


Over twenty years of journalism, management, and project coordination experience.  Skilled in communication, training, and consulting practices.  Proficient with MS Office and various other database software programs.

What a difference compared to an old resume objective! Instead of telling your resume reader information they already know, you will wow them with new information that they really want – your ability to fill their position!

The formula is very simple to create your summary of qualifications:

  • Sentence #1 = Over (# of years) of (skill #1), (skill #2) and (skill #3) experience.
  • Sentence #2 = Power sentence that includes 2-3 unique abilities (and you do have them!)
  • Sentence #3 = Proficient in (list of computer software or other abilities).

Pretty simple, but extremely powerful to your resume readers!

So review our resume objective tips and give your resume the beginning it deserves. Consider replacing your resume objective with a summary of qualifications.

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