Combination Resume Format

The combination resume format is what we have used on this site for several years and it has been extremely successful for our clients with getting them the calls for interviews.

This format offers the best of both the chronological and functional resume formats by providing the reader with a powerful summary of your qualifications followed by the main body containing your skill groups and ending with your employment history and education.

  • Pros: It’s sharp, effective and offers a prospective employer the opportunity to see your skills and experience as well as where you have worked.
  • Cons: We haven’t found any yet! It can be argued that if you have had a steady career with only a few companies then maybe there might be another resume format that would benefit you however we think that this format is the all around winner!

Here is a sample of a 2-Page Combination Resume Format (our most popular!)

Here’s the second page of the resume.

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