About Us

How Writing Resumes Helped Me See the Light!

Hi, my name is Bobby and I have been writing resumes for the past 20 years. It all started back in college at Arizona State University (Go Sun Devils!) where I was asked to help a friend with his first resume because he knew I loved to write.

After doing some research I found out that it really wasn’t that difficult to create a resume and so I created my friend’s resume and he received several calls for interviews and also got hired by one of those companies who interviewed him.

I continued to write resumes for the rest of my college friends who soon found out that I could create an effective resume for them even without a wealth of employment experience.

Even though I graduated from college and entered the world of marketing and advertising, I still wrote many resumes for friends and family each year and word-of-mouth advertising just kept spreading.

The Internet Boom = More Jobs & More Resumes

With the Internet explosion during the 1990’s the request for resumes kept increasing and so I kept writing! I had discovered that a simple format known as the combination resume format was getting most of my clients calls for interviews so I began to focus much of my resume writing towards using that format.

Technology has certainly changed the way we send and receive resumes but the information on the resume has not changed. It still needs to be powerful and effective as it is your ticket to that call for an interview!

Your skills and experience are totally unique to you however over the years I have learned that there are certain formats, phrases, and layouts that get attention from companies that are hiring.

Giving Back

After years of writing resumes, I was talking with my wife about how I could share what I do with others so that they don’t have to agonize over writing a resume. She suggested that I put together a website to show people the exact process I use when I create resumes for my clients here in Arizona.

I thought that was a good idea and so together, we created www.cecereads.com/resume.

We hope you find the information helpful and we wish you much success in creating the best resume possible!