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Sample Recommendation Letters for Admission to Graduate Program

Recommendation Letters for Admission to Graduate Program

To Whom It May Concern:

I am glad to give my recommendation to XXXX for admission to the program he has applied for in your institution. I have known XXXX for over 10 years and he worked as the Administrative Coordinator of my Optometry Office for almost two years. XXXX was one of the best and diligent employees that have worked in my organization. As the administrative coordinator, he was responsible for the implementation of administrative systems, policies and procedures.

I saw XXXX as a valuable human asset and he proved to be exceptional in several respects. XXXX was exceptionally hard-working and diligent. I could remember that he and his team worked extra hours so as to meet up with the deadlines of some vital projects. He threw himself into every administrative project committedly and demonstrated his professionalism by identifying and implementing new technology and resources, redesigning system and recommending redeployment of designated resources. I was also overwhelmed with the creativity of XXXX. He created administrative systems for optometry after he analyzed operating practices within the organization and studied the utilization of microcomputer and software technologies used.

What perhaps is even more interesting about XXXX is that he maintained the continuity of work operations. He achieved this by documenting and communicating needed actions to the management. Overall, his communication and human to human skills were outstanding. He maintained a good rapport with me, other employees, patients and suppliers by arranging continuing contacts, and he successfully guides employee actions by researching, developing, writing and updating procedures, policies, guidelines and methods.

XXXX is proficient in English verbally and non-verbally and he can express himself in English easily. He is not only friendly and good-humored but good at gauging people’s attitudes and level of knowledge. He is always interested in research activity and acquiring knowledge that relates to his profession. I believe XXXX would benefit from this program if admitted. He is competent and highly interested in this program as it will also give him an edge in his chosen career as well as more exposure. Given his intelligence and sensitivity, I am very sure that he would put his skills and knowledge to good use.

XXXX is sure to make a difference in his endeavors. I recommend him for this program and I know that anything he sets his mind to, he will succeed at. I would greatly appreciate it if his application is favorably considered and he is granted admission.  If you need any further information or question about him, please do not hesitate to contact me.



To Whom It May Concern:

It is a pleasure writing this letter of recommendation in support of XXXX’s application for admission into a graduate program in your school. I have known him for more than three years. XXXX was the person who designed my attorney website and he did a great job.

When XXXX told me about his decision to start a graduate program, I was happy and convinced that he made an excellent decision. Since I have known XXXX, he has demonstrated a high level of diligence, sincerity and commitment to whatever he does. After agreeing to design my website, he started work without wasting time. He used his professionalism, research and creative skills in the web development project. The website was attractive and topnotch. I was also impressed with the timely delivery as he delivered before the deadline and this encouraged me to recommend him to my friends and colleagues. One additional thing I discovered in XXXX is that he is passionate about what he does, most especially in the field of technology. Apart from that, he has great initiatives that give him an edge over his counterparts. XXXX is actually planning to make a career in science and this determination is his very valued quality. So I am sure that he is ready for this program and he will finish successfully.

XXXX has the ability to work as an individual as well as a team. He has good human to human relationship and excellent communication skills. He has a great deal of respect for others and does not look down on people. He displays self-confidence and can tolerate different kinds of individuals. Additionally, he is a good time and project manager, and he knows how to manage multiple tasks without compromising quality. As a bilingual, he is fluent in English and Spanish. He is very proficient in English and can express himself verbally and in writing using English.

I have no doubt that XXXX is one of the candidates that would be good ambassadors of your institute if admitted. I believe his intelligence and determination to become successful would drive him to finish this program with excellent grades. He has my highest recommendation for admission and I would be glad if he is considered for admission. Feel free to contact me for additional information about him.

Best regards,


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