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Sample College Application Essay: Finding One’s Passion and Vocation

Not many people my age know what they want to be, much less know it even when they were young. I am different from my peers such that I knew ever since that I wanted to be an architect. It started with a box of Legos that was given to me as a gift. Since then, that box of Legos was my pastime of choice. Everything else, every gadget or toy that was given me, became accessories to my latest creations. I found it greatly satisfying to be able to make real the visions I had in my mind. These were simple structures that I made out of plastic blocks – yet to me, they were beautiful and my own.

I have nurtured this need for creation ever since. I draw and sculpt as hobbies. Likewise, I have become interest in logic and mathematics, knowing that they are integral to everything we do and create.

I am sure in my desire to be an architect and to create structures that people will proudly live and work in. I want a career wherein I get to design and create buildings that are unique, stylish, and most importantly safe. At the same time, I am doubly driven to strive for this because of recent calamities, such as the immense physical destruction brought by Hurricane Katrina. I want to gain the best education available so that, in the future, I can create more architecturally sound structures that will withstand nature’s worst.

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To prepare myself for this application, I shadowed a woman, who was a partner in a multi-city architectural company. I thought it was just right to be sure about my decision; I should know what an architect’s reality is and what I would be getting myself into. I saw her spend long hours at work. A lot of her time was spent in negotiations with clients and contractors; and in preparing code analyses. She only spent about an hour in front of her design table. But then again, through this, I saw her joy as she went about her daily duties. She liked what she did, and she told me that all of it was part of a project’s development. In the end, every effort she made was for the next structure that she designed for construction.

I want that for my life. I want a future wherein I am a part of developing our nation’s landscape, and creating sound structures that people can be secure in. Even though I am just fresh out of high school, I am sure of it. To become an architect would be a fulfillment of a lifelong dream. It is where destiny has been pointing me to. It is where my interest and abilities lie.

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