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COL 101 Final Project Essay

I was nervous at the start when I got admitted into college. I didn’t know where to go, and I didn’t have any friends in any of my classes. Also, I felt like I was going to be overwhelmed by my freshman year of college. COL 101 class showed me that this semester I would not only be learning about biology, psychology, and composition but I would be learning how to be a college student. My college experience has been a great one so far. I have good grades and also have new friends.

Notwithstanding, apart from my good performance, College 101 has given me some new tools to get more out of my college experience. I learned ten steps to become a giant success which are: a). Master the material, b). Come to grips with my abilities, interests, and values, c). Fine-tune my computer skills, d). Hone my communication skills, e). Actively engage in exploring career options, f). Get involved, g). Give back to my community, h). Work as an intern during the summer, i). Expand my diversity, j). Take advantage of campus career center.

For many years I have known that the decisions you create and take in life are greatly influenced by what you value. Knowing and understanding your own values and potentials is necessary in order to comprehend your current position and assist you make corrections to achieve the balance you want. In psychology class, we took a personality test and were divided into groups based on our results. In these groups, we were asked to list our values and my group listed the following; punctuality, honesty, education, compassion, and family-concerned. I can fathom how these values shape my personality and behavior because I am a very hardworking and I want to get educated in school. I keep to my family for advice in times of help and I do everything to be honest and truthful.

I learned in COL 101 that ‘learning’ is a lifelong process and that once I am through with college does not mean that I have to stop learning new things. I also learn about many college resources in which the most important resource is the opportunity to access Moraine Valley’s library online. I have already used this resource in the writing of a paper. Without this resource, writing my paper would be very tedious because I would have to make time to go to a library and then spend extra time searching for the books or articles I need. Another valuable piece of information I learned about was the Academic Advising Center. The Academic Advising Center can help me choose the right classes, ensure my classes will transfer to the four-year college of my choice, and explore my career options. My aspiration is that over the next two years the academic advisors can help me choose the correct classes. I have been to the writing center also to do some revisions. It was very helpful and I got great feedback. It was a quiet and very easy to concentrate in the writing center.

During COL 101 class, I have observed that my study habits are not as good as I though they are. I am also prone to procrastinating essay writings and other study which shouldn’t be. I need to learn how to set my priority right. I have begun to use a calendar and now makes a lot easier to keep track those things I have to do. The next step I need to take is, understanding the difference between ‘important’ and ‘urgent’. I need to realize that there are important tasks that I need to get done; however, there are more urgent tasks that I must get done now. I have set a few realistic goals both educational and health wise; with the help of prioritizing and scheduling I plan to work after college and save money for higher studies in University of Georgia. I plan on taking more of naturally produced foods than taking the synthetic one so as to reduce my risk of having diseases related to nutrition. I believe that managing my time and completing priorities I will achieve my goals.

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Developing critical thinking skills will help me make better decisions about my education and my life. Because of critical thinking I am able to develop a higher order thinking ability. Critical thinking gives me the tools to look at problems in a different way. Critical thinking can help me: concentrate on relevant issues and problems, gather accurate information, understand and organize facts in a logical manner, look more deeply at problems, improve my problem-solving skills, and detect bias perspectives about them.

When we did some brain teasers in class I was so frustrated because I kept looking at the problem the same way. I learned that when I engage in critical thinking, I need to understand and use emotional intelligence, look at things differently, relax, ask questions, problem solve, evaluate results, distinguish fact from opinion, seek the truth, and finally think creatively and be resourceful.

The topic of understanding and accepting diversity is one of the topics I learned a lot from. It made me to know the need for others to understand and accept differences such as race, gender, class, age, religion or sexual preference. I believe thorough knowledge about his topic and understanding will create a world of love for one another and the presence of good interpersonal relationship between individual which I am already experiencing.

Generally, COL 101 has made my movement from high school to college very easy. I learned that I need to prioritize better and that there are many resources and tool that I can use to better ensure my success in college. With all of the new things I have learned in this class I can boast that I will be able to make better and more informed decisions about school, a career, and my study habits/skills.

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